• Narrator: In 1993, JimmyandFriends's Entertainment introduced the world to two kids. And there was much rejoice. Now, the artists at JimmyandFriends's have produced more than 50+ million CartoonTales videos. They've gotten bigger. They've gotten better. They've gotten sillier. But everyone has starred talking cartoons - until now!
  • (Light shines on valley below cliff)
  • (Shooting star zips by)
  • (Pan up to reveal people working on the cliff)
  • Narrator: From the dreammakers at Jimmyandfriends's Entertainment, home of CartoonTales, The Cartoon Adventures of Sheen, and 3-2-1 Characters!...
  • (SFX construction)
  • Narrator: An exciting new musical is coming to DVD everywhere. Located in a sea-coast of Las Vegas, and featuring a lesson in courage, celebrating all the history of our red-haired heroine. 
  • (Eagle screech)
  • Narrator: Isabella, Alex and the Great Escape!
  • (Zoom into cliff revealing a black background)
  • Narrator: A CartoonTales musical coming this fall at a Christian bookstore near you.
  • (Crickets chirp)
  • (Eagle screech)