• Narrator: JimmyandFriends presents "CartoonTales: Lessons from the Sock Drawer"! A special collection of shorts and briefs!
  • Sheen: Goodie, more stories!
  • Narrator: When Edmund Storch loses his favorite pet hamster, he writes to Jimmy and Sheen asking for help.
  • Sheen: I'm sure there's a story in the vault that'll be great for Edmund.
  • Jimmy: Ah, the vault?
  • Sheen: The "Cartoon Vault", on Cartoon DVD! Where we keep our vast collection of animated masterpieces!
  • Jimmy: I wasn't aware of such a vault.
  • Sheen: You gotta have a vault.
  • Jimmy: That's a dresser.
  • Sheen: That's the beauty of it! No one would ever suspect we keep our vast collection of animated masterpieces in a sock drawer.
  • Narrator: It's one DVD with 14 shorts and briefs that are long on fun!
  • Jimmy: Oh, now I get it!
  • Narrator: From 15 years of sensational storytelling with Jimmy, Sheen, and the whole Cartoon crew!
  • Sheen: I think that's totally cool, that's what I think!
  • Narrator: It's a classic collection of dazzling short stories that come together to teach one heartwarming lesson!
  • Sheen: "A happy heart is good medicine, and a cheerful heart works healing."
  • Narrator: If you're looking for top-drawer entertainment, you found it! In CartoonTales' "Lessons from the Sock Drawer"! Now available on DVD!

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