• Narrator: CartoonTales presents a sequel to the original "Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!" DVD. Features favorite stories about little people who did big things with God's help - E.B. and the Big Exit,
  • E.B.: Hi Ho Sliver Away!
  • Woody: Let my people go.
  • Tex Richman: Let you go?
  • Woody: God said so.
  • Narrator: MacChowder and the Stinky Cheese Battle
  • Mung Daal: Give them.... BAD HAIRCUTS!
  • Chowder: Stand back, everyone. It's gonna blow!
  • Narrator: And Woody: A CartoonTales Movie.
  • Woody: Oh... lovely.
  • Simon: Didn't I tell you to get off my ship, you lousy snow-lover?
  • Narrator: Plus small talk with the Cartoon Kids. Get Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too 2 on DVD today!
  • Theodore: That's one big BIG!

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