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  • Narrator: This summer, join MacChowder - a particularly funny klutz who likes to invents stuff - and his friends, the Barber-Barians, for a fun engaging app that will launch you in the spirit of summer - and with some conversations with MacChowder, you bring the story to life - and don't miss the MacChowder Activity Center where you can try to answer the picture word puzzles, build some exciting gadgets with MacChowder, choose the correct jelly jar for a special treat, smash tasty candies, create and send your own MacChowder greeting cards, and color your Cartoon friends with buckets of paint, brushes, stickers and more - what's more you can also view scenes from the program along the way, earn some coins, ride MacChowder through a sea of hostile Romans, defeat the dreaded "Cheese of Attila", use MacChowder to ward off mutant Scottish cartoons, escape from Wreck-It Ralph and his gang, and many more in a fun twisting, action-packed adventure for iPad, iPhone and iPod - where you live the magic of the funniest Scotland DVD starring your favorite CartoonTales friends, all while learning a lesson in getting along with others; MacChowder and the Stinky Cheese Battle is available now on DVD!

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