• Narrator: A long time ago, in a land far far away, there lived a group of cut-ups called the Barber-Barians.
  • Barberbarians: We'll chop your locks with clippers, then tease them up with mousse, you'll never see us coming till we thought he was Bruce.
  • Narrator: Their leader was Mung Daal.
  • Mung Daal: Give them... BAD HAIRCUTS!!
  • Roman: No!
  • Narrator: In a land a little farther away, there lived a group of pranksters called "the Romans".
  • Philo: Sir, we're um out of confetti.
  • Wreck-it Ralph: What? How am I supposed to win a dignified military victory if we're out of confetti!?!
  • Narrator: A feud had erupted between Mung and Ralph when they were but wee little lads. And now their nations had their dander up. Water balloons were toast! Pies were thrown! And bad haircuts were given.
  • Roman: No!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: When everyone is focused on the fighting, can Chowder help to get to the root of the problem and bring it in to the split?
  • Chowder: Can't we all jut be nice to each other and leave the pranks behind, cause I'm getting really tired of finding sardines in my peanut butter.
  • Narrator: Find out in MacChowder and the Barber-Barians. A Lesson in Getting Along with Others. Coming to DVD in the Summer of 2013!

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