Trailer 1

  • Rumen Petkov: Minnesota Lockwood goes on a search, for Samson's hairbrush. It's got lots of adventure, it's got evil Dexter chasing him, and the theme of the show is dealing with bullies. The Bible says you have to love your enemies. It's a hard thing to do.
  • Woody Allen: In "Minnesota Lockwood", of course, he's the hero of our story but he's got an arch-enemy. Dexter plays the part of the bully and Minnesota Lockwood has to figure out how to deal with the bully and not resort to being one himself. We just go everywhere in this show, it's just all over the place and a lot of fun.
  • Cory Edwards: I'm getting excited about working on Minnesota Lockwood. I know it's gonna be a big score, big elaborate sound for this big adventure.
  • John Lasseter: Minnesota Lockwood is a tremendously adventure movie. It's a fun romping adventure movie where one thing happens after another, I think it's gonna be a cool show!
  • (Coming May 2005)

Trailer 2

  • Narrator: Coming August 2005 from the studios of Jimmyandfriends's Entertainment. It's a rollicking adventure on an international search for Samson's hairbrush!
  • Flint Lockwood: Gentlemen, I need to know about a hairbrush!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Hey Flint, I think I found something.
  • Narrator: Here's an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of "CartoonTales: Minnesota Lockwood and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush"!
  • Woody Allen: So we were totally excited to do both an action adventure story.
  • Rument Petkov: Strap yourselves in, this is gonna be a great ride.
  • Woody Allen: But it has a tender heart to it.
  • Steve Banks: Flint had been a superhero before of course, but never an action hero.
  • Narrator: Flint Lockwood and his pal, Jimmy Neutron, uncover a plan to use the fabled hairbrush of Samson in a diabolical plot!
  • Guy Crood: Whoever's possession of the brush will also gain Samson's amazing power!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Well, kinda.
  • Narrator: Will Minnesota be able to resist using the hairbrush himself when he runs into a bully from his past named Dexter?
  • Flint Lockwood: But if I find the brush first, I'll have the power.
  • Jimmy Neutron: Dexter's just a big bully, Minnesota. You have to ignore his type.
  • Narrator: And Timmy Turner's got problems on the playground in "Bully Trouble!"
  • Harold Berman: From now on, no one is allowed to play here unless I say so! You got it?
  • Timmy Turner: Sure, I got it.
  • Rumet Petkov: But that's the whole point of both of these stories we have. It's what you should do, what's your reaction to it.
  • Narrator: And Kermit the Frog sings a love song for pizza in a Silly Song that'll leave you wanting your own Chicago-style!
  • Kermit: Pizza Angel, please come to me! (Lazlo, Raj and Patsy come in)
  • Lazlo, Raj and Patsy: (singing) Come to me!
  • Kermit: Tomato sauce & cheese so gooey!
  • Cory Edwards: Instead of a teen tragedy like in the fifties, Kermit simply hasn't gotten his pizza yet. So it's just tragic for him.
  • Narrator: It's an all-new CartoonTales adventure as Minnesota and Timmy face their foes in "Minnesota Lockwood and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush"! Coming to video and DVD August 2005!