• (JimmyandFriends Entertainment logo shows up)
  • Flint: Sam!
  • Sam: Flint, help!
  • Flint: Hold on!
  • Narrator: Introducing a hero unlike any other!
  • Flint: Somebody's got to stand up for the little guy.
  • Narrator: He's Flint Lockwood!
  • Flint: I'm on it.
  • Narrator: In CartoonTales: Minnesota Lockwood and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush.
  • Flint: Alligators! Why'd it have to be alligators?
  • Narrator: His adventures are parecious.
  • Flint: (screaming)
  • Narrator: His reputation is legendary.
  • Guy: You are our last hope, Mr. Lockwood.
  • Narrator: And his arch-enemy his no tortious!
  • Dexter: Once again, Mr. Lockwood, finders keepers!
  • Narrator: Now, Flint Lockwood is on his greatest mission.
  • Flint: Gentlemen, I need to know about a hairbrush. Samon's hairbrush.
  • Narrator: But, as he tracks down an ancient relic, he's discovers of timeless truth.
  • Jimmy Neutron: The bible says we should love our enemies.
  • Flint: Love our enemies?
  • Narrator: It's a lesson Timmy Turner also takes to heart as he faced his own bully.
  • Timmy Turner: I stand for what's right, I know not to fight, but show courage and bravery!
  • Narrator: Pick up your passport to a great adventure. Minnesota Lockwood and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush. Including the next classic Silly Song - Pizza Angel.
  • Kermit: Pizza Angel, please come to me!
  • Lazlo, Raj and Patsy: Come to me!
  • Kermit: Tomato sauce & cheese so gooey!
  • Narrator: Now on DVD and VHS! From the studios of Jimmyandfriends's Entertainment.

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