• Narrator: Coming this summer from CartoonTales: "Princess and the Popstar".
  • Blossom: My name is Blossom.
  • Narrator: Blossom's life on the family farm doesn't exactly fit her dreams of being a popstar.
  • Professor Utonium: You're like a dairy queen!
  • Blossom: How awesome would it be to hear yourself singing on the radio, be adored by millions of fans, wear fancy clothes, and be in a cool music video!
  • Narrator: But singing sensation Vanellope Von Schweetz's glamorous life isn't so perfect either.
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz: What's so great about being special if it means I'm always alone?
  • Narrator: Then a chance meeting leads to a crazy idea.
  • Blossom: We look exactly the same.
  • Vanellope Von Schweetz: It's like looking into a mirror!
  • Blossom and Vanellope Von Schweetz: Why don't we give it a try?
  • Narrator: Will living someone else's life really get them what they want? Find out in "CartoonTales: Princess and the Popstar: A Story about Trading Places"!
  • Professor Utonium: Trade places? That's impossible!
  • Narrator: Coming to DVD August 2011!

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