• Narrator: Love is in the air! Join Jimmy, Sheen, and your CartoonTales friends for "Silly Little Thing Called Love"! Three classic stories of true love!
  • Flint: I'd do anything for you, Sam Sparks.
  • Narrator: First, Flibber-o-Loo is a storybook tale of how loving your neighbor means helping those in need, even if they don't live next door!
  • Timmy Turner: He may be Flibbian, that's plain to see. But God made him special, just like he made me.
  • Narrator: And it's a royal lesson in loving your family in "Flint and the Great Pie War"! Discover how true love means thinking of others first!
  • Flint: Looking out for others is true love.
  • Narrator: Then, in "Madame Anna", find out why loving God is more important than loving... well, stuff.

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