• Narrator: Coming soon from CartoonTales! In a kingdom far away, in a castle, old and crumbly, lived a godparent, both round and blue, with combat, humbly gumbly, for generations in this land that one law was handed out, that only one most fair maiden true is fit to wear the crown. 'Till one day, she Wanda, her fairest mout declining, spotted one yet fairest still, her beauty bright and shiny. Sweetpea Anna, what a girl. She's honest, kind and smart. Knowing what God sees is the beauty of her heart. But prompted by a cunning mirror, with motives dark and shady, Wanda sets out to rig the land from this pure and loving lady. Will Kristoff, only son of his anxious royal mother, rescue darling Sweetpea, from the snare of True Ole Slumber? Find out in "Sweetpea Anna", with all your Cartoon friends! Coming soon to DVD in the summer of 2010!

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