• (CartoonTales logo shows up)
  • Narrator: From the studios at JimmyandFriends's Entertainment...
  • Simon: Hit it!
  • Narrator: All the great music...
  • Sheen: Patsy Smiles.
  • Backup Singers: Smiles, smiles.
  • Sheen: You are the one for me.
  • Backup Singers: One for me, one for me.
  • Narrator: All the silly lyrics...
  • Sheen: Hippo chewing on bamboo.
  • Patrick, SpongeBob, and Timmy: Hippo chewing on bamboo.
  • Sheen: Can't see boy and three minions.
  • Patrick, SpongeBob, and Timmy: Can't see boy and three minions.
  • Sheen: Sad minion is rowing and crying boohoomoomoo, boohoomoomoo, boohoomoomoo boohoomoomoomoomoo!
  • Narrator: All in one fantastic collection...
  • Raj and Clam: Check it out! Check it out!
  • Narrator: The Complete Silly Song Collection.
  • Sheen: Oh, the kids are gonna love that!
  • Narrator: 3 bestselling CartoonTales Sing Along DVDs. Plus a special Juke Box DVD that plays over 90 minutes of your personal favorite songs and you order you choose right on your TV.
  • Simon: Classics like...
  • Sheen: Everybody's got a water buffalo...
  • Simon: Or who can forget...
  • Sheen: Oh, where is my hairbrush...
  • Simon: And then there is...
  • Sheen: Miren al estevez.
  • Jimmy: Watch Estevez.
  • Narrator: Four DVDs with hours of great music and Bonus Features your whole family will love.
  • Simon: Let the silliness begin!
  • Narrator: The Complete Silly Song Collection - available this holiday season! (JimmyandFriends's Entertainment logo shows up) Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun!

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