• Narrator: New from CartoonTales - The Little House That Stood. A parable of three builders...
  • Jimmy Neutron: Good morning, gentlemen.
  • Wanda: You must be Jimmy... the builder?
  • Sheen Estevez: Ha! That'll never stick.
  • Narrator: And three little animals.
  • Raj: Ooh! Ca.. Ca... ca... ca... ahhh... caa. Caa... catchy.
  • Narrator: Three animals without a house need one builder with the plan, and two without a clue.
  • Dexter: First come, first serve. That's the Golden Rule.
  • Sheen Estevez: That is not the Golden Rule! It's "He who calls ahead gets the hot tub!" I'm paraphrasing, of course.
  • Narrator: One built with hay one with bricks and one with sticks. But we'll only one house with stand against the storm.
  • Jimmy Neutron: Winds and rains may huff and puff, Sinking sand is not enough-- Just build it on solid stuff.
  • Narrator: Plus, the story of a Good Boy Genius. For Jimmy Neutron being a mayor of Gooseville means helping his neighbors, but sometimes that's not all is crack-up to be.
  • Bubbles: Help me, please! I've lost my sheep.
  • Timmy Turner: There's somebody sleeping in my bed!
  • Narrator: It's enough to trying Jimmy off the wall!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Who needs all those neighbors with so many needs. I'm doing much better, helping just me! Wah! Ugh perfect...
  • Narrator: Will Jimmy learn that helping others is a great way to show them God's love?
  • Timmy Turner: Everybody!
  • All: A friend'll lenda little, a friend'll lenda little, a friend'll lenda little, a friend'll lenda little, a friend'll lenda little, a friend'll lenda little hand!
  • Narrator: And a silly song that short to make you smile.
  • Alvin: Happy Tooth Day, Happy Tooth Day, (spits!) Happy Tooth Day to you!
  • Narrator: JimmyandFriends's Entertainment presents CartoonTales: The Little House That Stood - A Lesson in Making Good Choices. On DVD March 5th, 2013!
  • Sheen Estevez: I've said it before and I'll say it again. Hay is for houses!

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