• Narrator: It was a bright and sunny day in Persia, until Professor King Candy came to town.
  • King Candy: I've been wanting to kill Flint.
  • Lady: It's fear.
  • King Candy: But not, of course...
  • Lady: You get a way...
  • King Candy: to stop me.
  • Mayor King Dedede: Anyone in the kingdom should be happy to help.
  • Flint: He says that he's the mayor, and whoever he says goes.
  • Narrator: Where does an empress go for help?
  • Aang: Somebody call for help?
  • Lenny: We're coming for you.
  • Korra: Downtown Persia is under attack.
  • Narrator: Who can stop Professor King Candy?
  • Mayor King Dedede: Flint?!?
  • Flint: Somebody's gotta stand up for the little guy.
  • Narrator: Coming to Blu-Ray this year. Save $2 when you purchase Isabella, Alex and the Great Escape.

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