• Jimmy Neutron: BAM! POW! YAHOOOOOOO! In a world, where cartoons defeat villains, comes "The Ultimate Adventure Collection". The cast of CartoonTales will appear in a 3-disc box set for the very first time, taking us all on their journey to conquer evil!
  • (Record scratch)
  • Jimmy Neutron: Can you believe it? This set features the stories of Woody's quest for the city of Nineveh and his encounter with a whale, Gobo Fraggle's encounter with excessively hairy Midianites, a young Viking, an inventing klutz from Scotland, a cowboy and space ranger, a kindhearted princess, a disco band from the 70s' that broke up because of a decent grudge, and a fundraising band of merry men that live in the woods of Bethlingham! Are you excited? Because I can't wait! Mark your calendars! Woo-hoo!

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