CartoonTales: Troublesome Bees is a YTV All-Stars spoof to the VeggieTales Silly Songs With Larry musical: Troublesome Rats, a parody of the Thomas and Friends song entitled Troublesome Trucks. It is sung by Thug Pooh, Thug Tigger and Thug Piglet (all from How Much Is That Rabbit In The Window) in the style of The Adventure Begins.

About the Silly Song

  • It has Misty Waterflower, Buena Girl, Brianna Maxwell, Susie Feeble, Tea Gardner, Maylu Sakurai, Mitchie O'Hara, Mona, Blossom, Sabrina Spellman, Adriana Banks and Anya Dane, Kimiko Tohomiko (who is wearing her Master Monk Guan outfit), Penny Crygor, Judy Shepard, Daemona Prune, Lexi Bunny, Fiona Von Steig, Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto, Mel Blake, Brittany Wong, Zuzu Boyle, Mackenzie Hollister, Malinda Doe, Suzi, Pacifica Northwest, Hope Todd and Rosalina Daily, Meilin Rae, Zoe Drake, Tubarina The Shark Princess and Samantha Blake, as they get chased by a swarm of angry Beedrill. After the silly song, the girls argue about who is to blame until George, Rex and Terence tell them to keep the noises down, due to them trying to take a nap.


  1. Misty Waterflower (Rachael Lillis)
  2. Buena Girl (Kimberly Brooks)
  3. Brianna Maxwell (Grey DeLisle)
  4. Susie Feeble (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  5. Tea Gardner (Amy Birnbaum)
  6. Maylu Sakurai (Brittney Wilson)
  7. Mitchie O'Hara (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  8. Mona (Kate Miccuci)
  9. Blossom (Catherine Cavadini)
  10. Sabrina Spellman (Emily Hart)
  11. Adriana Banks (Minae Noji)
  12. Anya Dane (Ashley Johnson)
  13. Kimiko Tohomiko (Grey DeLisle)
  14. Penny Crygor (Kelly Sheridan)
  15. Judy Shepard (Debi Derryberry)
  16. Daemona Prune (Courtney Vineys)
  17. Lexi Bunny (Jessica DiCicco)
  18. Fiona Von Steig (Kate Miccuci)
  19. Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto (Meghan Black)
  20. Mel Blake (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  21. Brittany Wong (Minae Noji)
  22. Zuzu Boyle (Emily Jenness)
  23. Mackenzie Hollister (Jennifer Hale)
  24. Malinda Doe (Jocelyne Loewen)
  25. Suzi (Bryn McAuley)
  26. Pacifica Northwest (Jackie Buscarino)
  27. Hope Todd (Kelly Sheridan)
  28. Rosalina Daily (Andrea Baker)
  29. Meilin Rae (Nicole Oliver)
  30. Zoe Drake (Kether Donahue)
  31. Tubarina The Shark Princess (Debi Derryberry)
  32. Samantha Blake (Kelly Sheridan)
  33. Thug Pooh (Jim Cummings)
  34. Thug Tigger (Chuck McCann)
  35. Thug Piglet (Ken Sansom)
  36. George The Mean Yellow Dog (Richard Yearwood)
  37. Rex The Pig (Greg Cipes)
  38. Terence The Toad (Derek Stephen Prince)

Transcript and Lyrics

  • (We open this music video with The Sensational Sisters narrating it)
  • Daisy: And now it's time for Silly Songs With Misty.
  • Violet: The part of the show where our sister comes out and sings a silly song.
  • Lily: We join her with Mel, Brianna and Susie, as they enjoy their day at the meadows.
  • Misty: Look at all those flowers!
  • Togepi: Chuki prri!
  • Mel: They're so cute!
  • Brianna: (sniffing the flowers) And they also smell nice.
  • Susie: Look over there, girls. It's a beehive.
  • (Mel and Brianna notice the beehive)
  • Mel: Yay!
  • Brianna: Let's play with it!
  • (They all play with the beehive until suddenly)
  • Misty: Mel, Brianna, Susie, watch out! That one might cause...
  • (The Beehive falls off the branch and lands onto the ground with a loud Kuh-Thud)
  • Misty: ...trouble.
  • Mel: Whoops!
  • Brianna: We thought it was a game.
  • Susie: Yeah.
  • (All of a sudden, a swarm of very angry Beedrill appear and prepare to attack the girls)
  • Misty, Mel, Brianna and Susie: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  • (The sound of their screams echo all over the forest)
  • (It soon attracts Buena Girl and the others' attention)
  • Buena Girl: What was that?!
  • Lexi: I guess it's those fools who are nothing but scaredy cats!
  • Mitchie: Lexi, are you serious?! We can't stand a chance against bees.
  • Fiona: Gee.
  • (Misty, Mel, Brianna and Susie's screams are heard again and the other girls turn back)
  • Brittany and Pacifica: Uh oh.
  • (As we see all four, they are all running away in fear)
  • Misty, Mel, Brianna and Susie: HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!
  • (The Beedrill pop out from behind them)
  • Adriana: Oh my gosh!
  • Anya: It's the Beedrill!
  • Hope: And they're not too happy!
  • Rosalina: Run for it, ladies!
  • (As they all run away from the Beedrill while screaming, The Thug Dolls sing the 2015 version of Troublesome Bees)
  • The Thug Dolls: The girls will always think they are so clever. And so they like to bump the bees around They bump them in the sidings, they bump them in the yards They better beware, they better take care They better be on their guard...
  • Mona and Penny: Get away from us you little runts!
  • The Thug Dolls: All the girls run away in fear, they're all so scared they think's it's going fine The bees all start to moan They rattle and they groan Look out, girls! Watch out, girls! That's a warning sign!
  • Judy: Somebody, save us!
  • The Thug Dolls: Before long they reach into the curves, It's hard work and he really has to pull But soon he's at the top And then he just can't stop On! On! On! The bees go faster still Because those Troublesome Bees will get the girls every time, Troublesome Bees will run the girls off the line. They push them here, push them there, until they go too fast, Then they push them once again, laughing while they crash... Troublesome Bees will get the girls every time, Troublesome Bees will run the girls off the line. They don't care how big they are, to them it's just a game... Those Troublesome Bees, will get them all the same.
  • (Troublesome Bees ends)
  • (The girls reach a bunkhouse-like hotel and race inside)
  • (Soon, they are out of breath)
  • Misty: That was close.
  • Lexi: You see, Misty? This never would have happened if I were you!
  • Misty: Oh really?! There's nothing you can deal about silly bugs!
  • Samantha: Well, I prefer those stupid days and it's all thanks to Mel!
  • Mel: No, I didn't!
  • (All the girls begin to argue in unison at top volume)
  • (Upstairs, George, Rex and Terence are burying their heads with pillows)
  • (Unable to block out the noises, they pop their eyes open)
  • (They soon arrive downstairs to confront Misty and the other girls)
  • George: SHUT UP!!!!
  • Rex: Can't you see we're trying to take a nap?!
  • Terence: (as he and his friends head back upstairs) We'll teach some manners first thing tomorrow.
  • (The door soon slams shut and leaves Misty and the girls stunned)
  • Daisy: This has been silly songs with Misty.
  • Violet: Tune in next time to see some Beedrill dance.
  • Lily: So long.
  • (End of Music Video)

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