Jimmyandfriends's movie spoof of "VeggieTales: Western Sing-Along Songs!"
CartoonTales Western Singalong Songs

CartoonTales: Western Sing-Along Songs! DVD


  1. Happy Ki-Yi Birthday (from The Ballad of Sheen)
  2. Dream of a Dozen Cactus (from The Ballad of Sheen)
  3. Oh Sheen I (from The Ballad of Sheen)
  4. I'm Blue (from The Ballad of Sheen)
  5. Oh Sheen II (from The Ballad of Sheen)
  6. Dracula's Dream (from The Ballad of Sheen)
  7. Bellybutton (from The Ballad of Sheen)
  8. Oh Lone Stranger (from E.B. and the Big Exit)
  9. The Boy That We Call E.B. (from E.B. and the Big Exit)
  10. Birds and the Bees (from E.B. and the Big Exit)
  11. God Did (from E.B. and the Big Exit)
  12. A Mess Down in Egypt (from E.B. and the Big Exit)
  13. Tex Richmen Wouldn't Listen (from E.B. and the Big Exit)
  14. Oh Lone Stranger Reprise (from E.B. and the Big Exit)

Bonus Songs!

  1. The Water Buffalo Song (from Where's God When I'm S-Scared?)
  2. The Legend of Galaxy Gus (from Moon Menance on Planet Tell-a-Lie)
  3. Asteroid Cowboys (from Cartoons in Space: The Fennel Frontier)

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