• Narrator: Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun! CartoonTales always delivers a healthy serving of both.
  • Johnny Worthington III: It's showtime!
  • Narrator: With toe-tapping music...
  • Jimmy, Timmy, Sheen and Gru: Stand!
  • Workers: Stand up, stand up!
  • Jimmy, Timmy, Sheen and Gru: For what you believe in, believe in...
  • Narrator: ...and infectious silliness...
  • Cindy Vortex: You're talking fairies!
  • Vidia, Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn and Silvermist and Wanda: We're talking fairies, you're a talking human. Your point was?
  • Narrator: ...the entire CartoonTales library is fortified with fantastic values!
  • Mr. Krabs: You're special just the way God made ya!
  • Narrator: More than 20 critically-acclaimed videos are now available on VHS, or on DVDs packed with great bonus features for the whole family!
  • Kermit: Have I ever steered you wrong?
  • Narrator: A shopaholic Anna...
  • Lazlo: Your kingdom awaits!
  • Narrator: inventive skeleton...
  • Jack Skellington: Rocket power! That's the way it's gotta go!
  • Narrator: ...a fearless Turner...
  • Timmy: I will fight Gorg!
  • Woody: Pffftttt!
  • Narrator: ...even a king with a thing for rubber duckies!
  • Sheen: Now go and get that duck!
  • Narrator: It's a cast of characters that has put smiles on millions of faces...
  • Sheen: Hey desparadoes! You better come to your senses!
  • Narrator: ...and the timeless lessons of the Bible in millions of hearts.
  • Sheen: I laughed, I cried, it moved me Jimmy.
  • Narrator: Check out the entire Cartoon catalog at, to find the episodes you need to add to your collection!

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