Jimmyandfriends's movie spoof of "VeggieTales Sing Alongs Song of the Cebu"
Ct song minions

CartoonTales Sing-Alongs: The Song of the Minions DVD


  1. The Song of the Minions (from CartoonTales: E.B. and the Big Wall!)
  2. Hum, Ding, Purr, Whee! (from CartoonTales: Kermit and the Amazing Promise)
  3. The Pirate Prelude (from CartoonTales: Isabella, Alex and the Great Escape)
  4. This is Rather Eerie Than I Think it Turns Out to Be (from CartoonTales: Sanjay, Marty and Arnold's Big Holiday)
  5. Oh No, We Do Today (from CartoonTales: Isabella, Alex and the Great Escape)
  6. I Love My Duck (from CartoonTales: King Sheen and the Ducky)
  7. I'm So Blue (from CartoonTales: Madame Anna)
  8. Supper Monster (from CartoonTales: The League of Incredible Cartoons)
  9. 113 Years Ago (from CartoonTales: An Easter Carol)
  10. Obscure Christmas Party With Scottish E.B. (from CartoonTales: The Tale Of An Empress)

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