Jimmyandfriends's movie spoof of "VeggieTales Sing Alongs The Waterbuffalo Song"
CartoonTales Sing-Alongs The Waterbuffalo Song

CartoonTales Sing-Alongs: The Water Buffalo Song DVD


  1. King Candy's Song (from Elsa, The Girl Who Became Queen)
  2. Prince of Ham (from E.B. Good and His Not-So Merry Men)
  3. I Love My Duck (from King Sheen and the Ducky)
  4. Right Where I Belong (from Princess and the Popstar)
  5. The Credits Song (from Woody: A CartoonTales Movie)
  6. My Baby Car (from Lord of the Beans)
  7. We're Barber-Barians (from MacChowder & the Stinky Cheese Battle)
  8. The Water Buffalo Song (from Where's God When I'm S-Scared?)
  9. A Mess Down in Egypt (from E.B. and the Big Exit)
  10. Endangered Love (from King Sheen and the Ducky)

Bonus Song!

  1. Lend A Little Hand (from The Little House That Stood)

Song Gallery

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