Cartoon All-Stars Episode ideas is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.

Donkey Kong Goes Foreign



Hunter and The Little Old Twins



Virgil, Richie and The Camp Kids

A Bad Look Out For Buttsquat

Danger Switches

Devil's Back

Mel The Crosspatch

Penny and The Bucking Bronco

Mel, Penny and The Stick-In-The-Mud

Jeff, Taylor and The Dukes

Shaggy, Alexander and The Ballast

Tit For Tat

Lani's Voice

Ally, Annie and The Useful Line

Agent J's Super Rescue

Stop Thief, Kick Buttowski

Ash, Rikochet and Scooby The Triple-Header

Krunch The Old Stuck-Up Kremlin

Alex Davis and The Crossed Lines

Sonic The Fire-Hedgehog

Raimundo and The Deep Freeze

Patience Is Corey's Virtue

Howard and The Prickly Problem

Flea and The Pop-Special

Corey Comes Home

Ash and The Drip Feet

High Speed Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong and The Smokescreen

Donkey Kong's Fire Escape

Donkey Kong Proves His Point

Mona and The Thief

Shaggy Takes The Road

Ash and The Scrambled Eggs

What A Picture, Aladdin

Riff Raff Helps Out

Mikey and Timmy Go Down The Drain

We Need Another All-Star

Annie's Sticking Power

Annabelle Anderson

A Girly Teamwork

Ash and The Museum Piece

Not The Ticket

Trouble On The Road

Ash and The Road Tour

Mai's Snow Problem

Ralph and The Washout

Kwame's Mega Load

Ash Comes Home

Out of Breath

The Funnie Overhaul

The Sliding Scales

Doug Sees Pink

Rikochet's Porridge

Head Over Feet

Foaming At The Hat

Rikochet Gets Wired-Up

Brock's Birdstrike

Nelson and The Cabbages

Ash and The Rabbits

Mandi and The Golden Jubilee

Yugi, Tooty and The Speed Killer

Tunnel Rat's Plan

Fox and The Dirty Water

I Name This All-Star

Mika Gets Overloaded

Falkner and The Avalanche

Eels On Feet

Pryce's Vintage Delivery

Ash and The Swanna

Hand Pounding

Brock's Fire Service

Alex Davis and The Centenary

Ash and Ken

Ash and The Hurricane

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