Uncle Grandpa

  • Hole In One: Uncle Grandpa: YAY! I've Got A Hole In One! YEAAAAAH!!! WOO-HOOOOOO!!!! Now That's Fantastic Golf! YEAH!
  • Eagle: Uncle Grandpa: I'm A Eagle! HAWK HAWK! (Laughs)
  • Birdie: Uncle Grandpa: Look At Me! I'm A Birdie! Tweet Tweet! Yippee!! (Laughs)
  • Par: Uncle Grandpa: Now That Was Easy.
  • Bogey: Uncle Grandpa: Oh, I Got A Bogey. This Is Bad.
  • Double Bogey: Uncle Grandpa: This Is Tough That I Thought! Now I Have A Double Bogey! This Is The Worst Golf Game In My Entire Life! (Crying)

​Mr. Gus

  • Hole In One: Mr. Gus: WOO-HOO!! Yeah! I Got A Hole In One! Now That's What I Called A Dinosaur Star.
  • Eagle: Mr. Gus: WOO-HOO! I Got An Eagle! YEAH!!
  • Birdie: Mr. Gus: Now That's More Like It! I'm The Best Golf Ever!
  • Par: Mr. Gus: Now That Is One Free Par. How Fantastic!
  • Bogey: Mr. Gus: Aw, Come On, Man!
  • Double Bogey: Mr. Gus: OH, STUPID GOLF GAME! (Mr. Gus Drops It And Stomps At Golf Swinger)

Pizza Steve

  • Hole In One: Pizza Steve: YEAH!! I've Got Hole In One! Now That's What I Called A Classic Pizza Steve.
  • Eagle: Pizza Steve: YES! YES! YES! YES! YEAAH!!! Alright!
  • Birdie: Pizza Steve: Oh Yeah, Son! Now That's What I'm Talking About! I Got A Birdie!
  • Par: Pizza Steve: Wow, That's A Par, But I'm The Best!
  • Bogey: Pizza Steve: Oh Man!
  • Double Bogey: Pizza Steve: Oh RATS! I Hate This Game!

Peppa Pig

  • Hole In One: Peppa Pig: Hooray! I Got Hole In One! (Laughs)
  • Eagle: Peppa Pig: YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! WOO-HOO! (Laughs, Sighs)
  • Birdie: Peppa Pig: I'm A Birdie! Tweet Tweet! (Laughs)
  • Par: Peppa Pig: I Did It! (Giggles)
  • Bogey: Peppa Pig: Aww, That's Not Fair!
  • Double Bogey: Peppa Pig: It's Impossible, I QUIT!

George Pig

  • Hole In One: George Pig: Hooray! (Laughs)
  • Eagle: George Pig: (Laughs) EAGLE! EAGLE! (Laughs)
  • Birdie: George Pig: Tweet Tweet! (Laughs)
  • Par: George Pig: (Giggles)
  • Bogey: George Pig: (Cries A Bit)
  • Double Bogey: George Pig: (Crying And Wailing)

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

  • Hole In One: GRFT: (Roars Happily, Roaring Laughs)
  • Eagle: (GRFT Is Flying Around With Rainbow) GRFT: (Roars)
  • Birdie: GRFT: (Meows) (GRFT Is Flying Like A Bird) GRFT: (Roars)
  • Par: GRFT: (Meows Happily)
  • Bogey: GRFT: (Roars) (GRFT Is Hitting His Face And Shaking His Head Means No)
  • Double Bogey: GRFT: (Roars Angrily, GRFT Throws A Golf Swinger And Hitting His Face)


  • Hole In One: Wander: YAAAHEEEEE!!!! HOLE IN ONE!!!!!
  • Eagle: I'll Call You When I'm Look Good. And It Was Just An Eagle! (Laughs)
  • Birdie: Wander: YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAW!!!!!
  • Par: Wander: WOW! You Really Are A Nice Par.
  • Bogey: Wander: (Sighs) Oh Man.
  • Double Bogey: Wander:Oh Dear! WHAT A SHAME! I'm A Failure!


  • Hole In One: Sylvia: YEAH! NOW I'VE GOT IT! Hole In One! Hole In One! YEAH!
  • Eagle: Sylvia: (Laughs) THAT'S AN EAGLE! HAWK HAWK!!!!
  • Birdie: Sylvia: I'm A World's Birdie In The World, ME! SYLVIA THE HORSE!!
  • Par: Sylvia: Wow, That Was A Nice Par. I Totally Like It.
  • Bogey: Oh Nuts! (Sighs)
  • Double Bogey: GRRR!!! (Throws A Golf Swinger On The Ground And Stomps On Golf Swinger) Stupid Rotten Western Rassin WEST!!!

Lord Hater

  • Hole In One: Lord Hater: YEAAAH!!! I'VE GOT HOLE IN ONE!!! YEAH!!! LORD HATER, Number One SUPERSTAR!!!!
  • Eagle: Lord Hater: I'm The Eagle! AND I'M THE GREATEST IN ALL THE GALAXY!!!!!
  • Birdie: Lord Hater: Yes! I DID IT! I WIN, I WIN, I WIIIIIIIN!!!! (Fast Dancing)
  • Par: Lord Hater: (Evil Laughs)
  • Bogey: Lord Hater: Hmm! Stupid Golf Game.
  • Double Bogey: Lord Hater: RAAAHHH!!!!! YOU STUPID ROTTEN GOLF GAME!!!! I HATE THE GAME SO MUCH!!! (Jumps Angry In The Air) Uh-Oh. (Falls On The Ground) Grrrr!!!!

Commander Peepers

  • Hole In One: Commander Peepers: (Laughs) I WIN! I GOT A HOLE IN ONE!!! (Laughs)
  • Eagle: Commander Peepers: EAGLE, EAGLE, EAGLE!! HAWK HAWK HAWK!!! (Laughs)
  • Birdie: Commander Peepers: Wow, You Are Really Have A Birdie In The Sky, Or Is It Just Me? I'M THE COMMANDER!!!
  • Par: Commander Peepers: Wow, You Are A Nice Par. This Is So Awesome!
  • Bogey: Commander Peepers: (Groan And Slaps His Face)
  • Double Bogey: Commander Peepers: GRRRRR, YOU STUPID GOLF GAME IS ONLY FOR THAT DOUBLE BOGEY!!!! (Stomps At Golf Swinger) AAAAHHH!!!!!!!

Ren Hoek

  • Hole In One: Ren: YAY!!! I WIN!!! I WIN, I WIN, I WIN!!!! (Evil Laughs)
  • Eagle: Ren: Now I Am An Eagle! HAWK HAWK! HAWK HAWK! (Laughs)
  • Birdie: Ren: YES, BIRDIE!!! TWEET TWEET TWEET!!! (Laughs)
  • Par: Ren: Wow, You Really Have A Nice Par, I Guess.
  • Bogey: Ren: What? How Did... I... Grrrr!!!!
  • Double Bogey: Ren: GRRRRR, YOU STUPID GOLF SWINGER EEDIOT!!! (Throws A Golf Swinger In The Air) YOU HIGH TRAITOR SACK OF PROTOPLASM!!!! GRR!!!!!! (Bonks A Golf Swinger At Ren) Ow! Uhhh... (Faints)


  • Hole In One: Stimpy: YEAAAAH!!!! I WIN!!! HOLE IN ONE!!! HOLE IN ONE!!! HOLE IN ONE! (Laughs)
  • Eagle: Stimpy: Look At Me, I'm An Eagle! Hawk Hawk Hawk! It's Fun, Right? RIGHT?!?
  • Birdie: Stimpy: It's Birdie! Oooooh, Look At That Handsome Bird. It's Almost Coming!
  • Par: Stimpy: Wow, Nice Par! JOY!
  • Bogey: Stimpy: Oh No. What Do We Go Wrong?
  • Double Bogey: Stimpy: (Crying)

Spongebob Squarepants

  • Hole In One: Spongebob: HOORAY!!! WOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!
  • Eagle: Spongebob: (Laughs)
  • Birdie: Spongebob: Tweet Tweet Tweet! I'm A Birdie! And Actually, This Is The BEST GOLF GAME EVER!!!!
  • Par: Spongebob: Wow, Nice Par!
  • Bogey: Spongebob: Aww, Tartar Sauce.
  • Double Bogey: Spongebob: (Crying)

Patrick Star

  • Hole In One: Patrick: YEAAAAH!!!! I WIN!!!!!
  • Eagle: Patrick: I've Got An Eagle! WOO-HOO!!!!
  • Birdie: Patrick: (Laughs)
  • Par: Patrick: Oooh... Nice.
  • Bogey: Patrick: Oh Man.
  • Double Bogey: Patrick: Woo-Hoo! I WIN, I WIN, I WIII- (Falls On The Floor) Oh, I'm Lost.

Mr. Krabs

  • Hole In One: Mr. Krabs: ARRGH!! THERE SHE BLOWS! (Laughs)
  • Eagle: Mr. Krabs: I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!!!
  • Birdie: Mr. Krabs: (Laughs)
  • Par: Mr. Krabs: ARRGH!!
  • Bogey: Mr. Krabs: Oh No!
  • Double Bogey: It Was... EMPTY!!

Lincoln Loud

  • Hole In One: Lincoln: WOO-HOO! YES! I DID IT! (Giggles)
  • Eagle: Lincoln: Wow! That's An Eagle! BUT THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST GOLF GAME EVER!
  • Birdie: Lincoln: Cool! That's A Birdie, I Supposed You Can Do It.
  • Par: Lincoln: Wow, That Sure Is A Nice Par, I Guess.
  • Bogey: Lincoln: What?!? (Sighs)
  • Double Bogey: Lincoln: Oh RATS! (Sit On The Floor Grumpy)

Lily Loud

  • Hole In One: Lily: (Laughs) WOO-HOO!!
  • Eagle: Lily: HAWK HAWK! (Laughs)
  • Birdie: Lily: TWEET TWEET! TWEET TWEET! (Laughs)
  • Par: Lily: Poo-Poo. (Giggles)
  • Bogey: (Lily Gets Frustrated And Turns To The Back Side And Kick His Feet And Sobbing)
  • Double Bogey: (Lily Sobbing And Sit On The Floor Crying)

Leni Loud

  • Hole In One: Leni: (Giggles) YIPEE! ALL RIGHT!
  • Eagle: Leni: WOO-HOO! I'm Got An Eagle! (Giggles)
  • Birdie: Leni: YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! BIRDIE!!! Uh-Huh.
  • Par: Leni: (Sighs) Nice Par. Yes!
  • Bogey: Leni: WHAT?!? Grrr! DAH! (Close His Eyes Turns Left Side)
  • Double Bogey: Leni: O-o-o-o-oh! (Sit On The Floor) (Sighs)

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