Blue Car: My Life Is Kinda Pressure. (Singing) I Must Confessed That Poor Dusty Road, But He Was Been A Road Too Long.

Pink Car: Uh..Uh..Uh.. I Cah... I Can't... I Can't... I Can't Believe I'm Saying To You But... I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FLING!! I Don't Forced Up And No Wacky Things That Thor Can't Be Horrored!

All Cars: (Singing) WORTHLESS!

Green Car: I Really Can't Believe You Can Do About It.

All Cars: (Singing) WORTHLESS!

Red Car: Oh Well, Remind Me When I'm PANIC!!


Brown Car: (Singing) I'm Gonna See The Sparey! Nothing But Keeps While Room The Be Fixed!

Blue Car, Green Car And Orange Car: (Singing) Every Touchdown To Be Here To MO!

Brown Car: (Singing) Nevermind Being A Dumb Hands, Tell Him As Fast In My Words, And The Most I've Never Before!

Yellow Car, Orange Car, And Light Green Car: (Singing) And Gets Him On My Own!

Gray Car: (Singing) I Guess The Show Has A New One. And I'm Give Us She Wants. And You Gonna Be Sending My Words. And Those I Thought I'll Never Before And Never Going To Piece Of Me.

Yellow Car: (Singing) Once And Protecting To The Wedding! Once And Protecting To The Wedding! He's A Hero And On His Face And I'll Be Nothing On My World!

Red Car: (Singing) I'm Never Be A Two Here! And Gave It To Me Again! And Know What Tangs Are Water Seems And I'm Never Gonna Be On My Word!


Green Car: (Singing) I Never Being Funny To You. And The Spongebob Is Starting Never Before And I'll Never Be Hurting Again! Never Gonna Be Say It To You. (Pizza Steve: OH! HEY!!) And Saying It To You And Top To My Words, Then I Crossed It Away And No One Can Be There For You!

All Cars: (Singing) Well, It Doesn't Matter!

Dark Green Car: (Singing) One Of A Part On A Sparoh! I'll Never Been Seen That Sparoh! I Took A Kids On The Skids Of All What's Happening For The In To Line And Say....


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