Nutty (from HTF) as 0

Mavis (from Thomas) as 1

Salty (from Thomas) as 2

Mike (from Monsters Inc) as 3

Coconuts (from AOSTH) as 4

Butch (from Tom & Jerry) as 5

Yoshi (from Super Mario World) as 6

Top Cat as 7

Larry (from Veggietales) as 8

Oscar (from Sesame Street) as 9

Oliver (from Thomas) as 10

Rosie (from Thomas) as 11

Dennis (from Thomas) as 12

Ed (from Tonic Trouble) as 13

Noob Saibot (from Mortal Kombat) as 14

Smoke (from Mortal Kombat) as 15

Hector (from Thomas) as 16

Flora (from Thomas) as 17

Hank (from Thomas) as 18

Lazy Luke (from Wacky Races) as 19

Murdoch (from Thomas) as 20

Lady (from Magic Railroad) as 21

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