Nicktoonfan91's movie-spoof of "Toy Story Treats"


  • Dudley Puppy (T.U.F.F. Puppy) as Woody
  • Timmy Turner (The Fairly Oddparents) as Buzz Lightyear
  • Yogi Bear as Rex
  • Manny (Ice Age) as RC
  • Boo Boo Bear as Lenny
  • Dodger (The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare) as Hamm
  • Rafael (Rio) as Sarge
  • Blu Jewel, Perdo, and Nico (Rio) as Sarge's Soliders
  • Bumper (Johnny Test) as Sid


  1. Waiting for Andy (Chum Chum)
  2. Yogi in Danger
  3. Dudley's Nightmares
  4. Why Dosen't Chum Chum Just Get Cable
  5. Dudley Impostor
  6. Bird Chants

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