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Cartoon Characters Episode Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Trusty Duck


Duck discovers that one of the bridges has creaks, so warns everyone not to cross it, but BJ doesn't listen to Duck. Later, BJ has to collect cookies. But he foolishly crosses the bridge and falls down, breaking his ankle. Duck comes to the rescue and pulls BJ out of bridge, just in time.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Duck, BJ and Barney.
  • Cameos by SpongeBob, Patrick, Baby Bop, Oliver, Billy and Yoshi.


  • Narrator: Suddenly, BJ fell down and broke his ankle.
  • BJ: OW!! MY ANKLE!! (sobs, then gasps)
  • Narrator: Suddenly, it happened!
  • BJ: What's that?!
  • Narrator: He asked nerviously.
  • Barney: Duck.
  • Narrator: Said Barmey.
  • Barney: BJ has gone to cross the bridge.
  • Duck: I'll better check he's all right.
  • Narrator: The Great Western engine said. But the creaks and supports were getting larger. A beam snapped.
  • BJ: NO!
  • Narrator: Stone pieces splashed into the water below.
  • Narrator: Screamed BJ.
  • BJ: I'm going to fall!
  • Narrator: But Duck was on the way. Soon, the Great Western engine reached the old bridge. BJ had never looked so scared. Duck chuffed bravely onto the bridge.
  • BJ: Careful!
  • Narrator: Gasped BJ. Soon, they were coupled up.
  • Duck: Hold on.
  • Narrator: Said Duck.
  • BJ: Aw man!
  • Narrator: Said BJ. The Great Western engine pulled him off the bridge just in time.

BJ Gets Spooked


After Kenneth's red wagon falls off a cliff and into the ravine, BJ is delighted of Kenneth's delimma. So, Duck tells him the story about a ghost dinosaur and it fell down the ravine. BJ's crew decide to play a trick on him, the driver shines a ghost dinosaur, so they throw a rock out of his hand and into the ravine and the ghost scares BJ.


  • Apperences by Duck, Thomas, BJ and Kenneth.
  • Cameos by Henry, James and Oliver.
  • Barney is mentioned in this episode, but he is not seen.]


  • Narrator: BJ wa delighted of Kenneth's delimma.
  • BJ: Fancy you're not cecurly your red wagon on the Hill. They'll come back to spook you and your brown hair. (spooky sound) Whoo!!!
  • BJ: NYAAAAH! It's the ghost!! Take me back!!! Take me back, please!!!!!

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