• Ebenezer Scrooge: Count Duckula (Count Duckula)
  • Bob Cratchit: Winnie the Pooh
  • Fred the Nephew: Hamm (Toy Story)
  • Collectors for the Poor: Mr. Small and Mr. Nosey (The Mr. Men Show)
  • Jacob Marley: Thaddeus Plotz (Animaniacs)
  • Robert Marley: Don Karnage (TaleSpin)
  • Ghost of Christmas Past: Little Miss Sunshine (The Mr. Men Show)
  • Ghost of Christmas Present: Mr. Scatterbrain (The Mr. Men Show)
  • Ghost of Christmas Future: Montana Max (Tiny Toon Adventures)
  • Mr. Fezziwig: Rigby (Regular Show)
  • Dick Wilkins: Finn the Human (Adventure Time)
  • Belle: Rouge the Bat (Sonic)
  • Old Joe: Benson (Regular Show)
  • Undertaker: Mr. Rude (The Mr. Men Show)
  • Beggars: Cutie Mark Crusaders (My Little Pony)
  • Fan: Maisy the Mouse
  • Mrs. Dilber: Granny Jojo (The Amazing World of Gumball)
  • Laundrer: Vana Glama (Sidekick)
  • Miners: The Sunnyside toys (Toy Story 3)
  • and more

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