• SpongeBob: That's it. Today is a new day.
  • (One Little Slip by Barenaked Ladies starts playing. Ludwig Von Drake drives his school bus to SpongeBob. He honks his horn. SpongeBob is about to get on the bus, but a bunch of people run over him. Ludwig closes the bus. SpongeBob runs after the bus. Spinelli snaps her fingers, and Goose appears with a bag of acorns. Spinelli throws the acorns at SpongeBob, leaving him further behind. SpongeBob runs after the bus. He bumps into Toro, who drops his suitcase, making his papers fly out. SpongeBob gathers all of the papers, but puts the stack on Toro's right horn. Toro snorts angrily. SpongeBob stops at a stoplight, showing a picture of a turtle hiding in his shell. A bunch of vehicles pass by. SpongeBob sees a button on the stoplight and a flower, which he uses to climb up with on the stoplight. He presses the button with nose, which changes the picture on the stoplight, to change to a turtle. SpongeBob jumps off and runs across the crosswalk, when suddenly, he trips over because his shoe gets stuck to some gum. He tries to get out, but he ends up sitting on the gum. The picture on the stoplight changes to the turtle shell picture, making the vehicles go. SpongeBob pulls an orange lollipop out of his pocket, sucks on it for a bit, and then ducks as he sticks it onto an incoming car. He flies out, but has lost his pants and shoes, which are stuck in the gum, which get picked up by a truck's tire. SpongeBob runs to school, hiding from the people. He spots a window and a soda machine at the bottom. He ties a bottle of orange soda to his back, facing to the ground by the top. He shakes it, sending him shooting in through the window. He landed in front of a pyramid of cheerleaders, consisting of Lola Bunny, Pearl, Malina, Kim Possible, Minnie Mouse, and The Gibble Goose Girls.)
  • Lola Bunny: AAAAAAAAAHHH!
  • (SpongeBob runs out of the gym and gets into his locker to make squarepants and shoes out of paper. He is about to walk out, but Sugar Bear, not knowing SpongeBob is in the locker, shuts the door, locking it.)
  • SpongeBob: (tries to open the door; sighs; uses a shirt hanger to unlock the locker door)
  • (Cuts to the classroom.)
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: (clears throat) Very well. Spinelli.
  • Spinelli: Present, pretty, punctual.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Goose.
  • Goose: (honks)
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Master Mikey Blumberg.
  • Mikey: Present and accounted for, Dr. Ron Hourglass. (drops his pencil) Oops, dropped my pencil. (tries to reach to it, but falls over) Whoa! (screaming)
  • Spinelli: (laughs) Loser!
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Chica.
  • Chica (The Chica Show): Here.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Donald Duck.
  • Donald: Here.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Sonya.
  • Sonya: Here.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Johnny Bravo.
  • Johnny Bravo: Yo.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Tooteroo.
  • Tooteroo: (hoots; presses an invisible button, sending him down in an imaginary elevator)
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Quite. Sandy Cheeks.
  • Spinelli: Ugly squirrel.
  • (Most of the students laugh.)
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: (angrily) Class, I will not tolerate rude behavior at the expense of a fellow...
  • Sandy Cheeks: Hey, hey, hey, no worries, Dr. Ron Hourglass.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: GYAAAAH!
  • (Cuts to Sandy's face as a horn honk can be heard. Cuts to Dr. Ron Hourglass.)
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: You mustn't sneak up on me like that, ugly- I mean Sandy. Now, where was I?
  • Spinelli: Uuugly squirrel.
  • (Sandy points to Dr. Ron Hourglass, blowing a raspberry.)
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: Oh, yes. SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Goose: (points to SpongeBob's empty seat, honking)
  • Spinelli: (cough) Tardy again.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: (writes on clipboard) Tardy again. Class, turn to page 62, and translate each word in mutton. (clears throat) He.
  • Class: Baa.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: She.
  • Class: Baa.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: They.
  • Class: Baa.
  • Dr. Ron Hourglass: We.
  • Class: Baa.

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