• Yogi Bear: OK, everyone. Listen up! I don't wanna hear any quacks, tweets, oinks, whinnies, or cockalee-doodle-doos when I say... (whips out a dodgeball) ...dodgeball.
  • Spinelli: WOOOOOOOOW!
  • Mikey: Oh man.
  • Spinelli: Pump it up! Pump it, pump it, pump it!
  • Yogi Bear: Split in into two teams: popular VS. unpopular.
  • Mikey: Coach?
  • Yogi Bear: Yeah, unpopular?
  • Mikey: Uh, shouldn't we review safety guidelines?
  • Yogi Bear: Sure! Hit the fat one, kids!
  • (Cuts to the people playing dodgeball. Mikey hides behind Sugar Bear, who gets hit.)
  • Mikey: AAAAAH! (hides behind Chester Cheetah, who also gets hit) OH! (runs off) (screaming) LOOK OUT! (whimpers)
  • Sandy: Calm down, Mikey, just... Just do what Tooteroo is doing.
  • (Tooteroo is dodging the dodgeballs by dancing to Gonna Make You Sweat by C&C Music Factory. Mikey tries moving his body, but gets hit with a few dodgeballs. He moves his head to both sides, but gets hit with dodgeballs. Then he gets hit with more dodgeballs.)
  • Mikey: (runs away) AAAAAHHHHHH!
  • SpongeBob: Whew!
  • Sandy: Tough morning?
  • SpongeBob: Had a run-in with my old nemesis.
  • Sandy: Gum in the crosswalk?
  • SpongeBob: He won this round.
  • Sandy: Your old foe.
  • SpongeBob: Mmm-hmm.
  • Sandy: Incoming on your right! (throws SpongeBob up, making him dodge the dodgeballs)
  • SpongeBob: Thank you!
  • Eeyore: Hee-haw! (kicks dodgeballs into Nigel)
  • Nigel: (squawks)
  • (Mower Mouth charges at Nigel, knocking the dodgeballs out of him, making them fly out to Eeyore.)
  • Eeyore: Aah! (ducks) (brays)
  • (The dodgeballs rebound down onto Eeyore, making him small.)
  • Eeyore: (walks off, blubbering)
  • Sandy: Yeah, I heard about the movie. Tough break.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah.
  • Sandy: Maybe it'll just go straight to video.

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