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  • Mr. Nosey (from The Mr. Men Show) as Homer
  • Sawyer (from Cats Don't Dance) as Marge
  • Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) as Bart
  • Wonder Red (from Super Why) as Lisa
  • Pinga (from Pingu) as Maggie
  • Odie (from Garfield) as Santa's Little Helper
  • Little Murray Sparkles (from Sesame Street) as Snowball
  • Timon (from The Lion King) as Grandpa Abe
  • SpongeBob and Patrick (from SpongeBob SquarePants) as Lenny and Carl
  • Postman Pat (from Postman Pat) as Moe
  • Skunk (from Skunk Fu) as Ned Flanders
  • Polie Anna (from Rolie Polie Olie) as Maude Flanders
  • Anton and Tobias (from The Amazing World of Gumball) as Rod and Todd
  • Eggman (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Mr. Burns
  • Goofy (from A Goofy Movie) as Mr. Smithers
  • Mr. Grumpy (from The Mr. Men Show) as Principal Skinner
  • Tigress (from Kung Fu Panda) as Agnes Skinner
  • Hamm (from Toy Story) as Martin
  • Lord Stinker (from TUGS) as Milhouse
  • XJ-6 (from My Life As A Teenage Robot) as Edna
  • Big Mickey (from TUGS) as Krusty the Clown
  • Scoop (from Bob the Builder) as Sea Captain
  • Hank (from Theodore Tugboat) as Barney
  • Po (from Kung Fu Panda) as Sideshow Mel
  • Boog (from Fanboy and Chum Chum) as Sideshow Bob
  • Spencer (from Thomas & Friends) as Comic Book Guy
  • Keswick (from T.U.F.F. Puppy) as Chief Wiggum
  • Mowgli (from The Jungle Book) as Lou
  • Flower (from Bambi) as Eddie
  • Mr. Tickle (from The Mr. Men Show) as Ralph Wiggum
  • Tommy Pickles (from Rugrats) as Database
  • Edgar (from The Aristocats) as Nelson
  • Robbie Rotten (from LazyTown) as Jimbo
  • Mr. Robinson (from The Amazing World of Gumball) as Kearney
  • The Backson (from Winnie the Pooh) as Dolph
  • Ivan (from Cars 2) as Fat Tony
  • Stewie (from Family Guy) as Snake
  • Owl (from Winnie the Pooh) as Apu
  • Mufasa (from The Lion King) as Groundskeeper Willie
  • Guysbourough (from Theodore Tugboat) as Gravedigger Billy
  • Brewster (from Chuggington) as Cletus
  • Babs Bunny (from Tiny Toon Adventures) as Brandine
  • Chowder (from Chowder) as Nick Riveria
  • Sir Handel (from Thomas & Friends) as Dr. Julis Hibbert
  • Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Bernice Hibbert
  • Chunk (from Toy Story 3) as Rev. Lovejoy
  • Stephanie (from LazyTown) as Helen Lovejoy
  • Wendy (from South Park) as Patty
  • Pinga (from Pingu) as Selma
  • Santa Claus (from The Year Without A Santa Clause) as Mayor Quimby
  • Bessie (from LazyTown) as Mrs. Quimby
  • Mr. Uppity (from The Mr. Men Show) as Superintendent Chalmers
  • Nemo (from Finding Nemo) as Old Gil
  • Toulouse (from Finding Nemo) as Professor Frink
  • Darth Vader (from Star Wars) as Frank Grimes
  • Gloomius Maximus (from Rolie Polie Olie) as Frank Grimes Jr.
  • Big Bird (from Sesame Street) as Herb Powell
  • Nanny (from Muppet Babies) as Mona Simpson
  • Milo (from Fish Hooks) as Hans Moleman
  • Pumbaa (from The Lion King) as Jasper
  • Oscar (from Fish Hooks) as Bumblebee Man
  • Luigi (from Super Mario Bros.) as John (from Homer's Phobia)
  • Hank (from King of the Hill) as Yes Guy
  • Noah (from Total Drama Island) as The Music Teacher
  • Dolly (from Toy Story 3) as Elizabeth Hoover
  • Rabbit (from Skunk Fu) as Kirk Van Houten
  • Lupe (from Fanboy and Chum Chum) as Luanne Van Houten
  • Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) as Otto Mann
  • Jay Jay the Jet Plane (from Jay Jay the Jet Plane) as Disco Stu
  • Cassie (from Dragon Tales) as Manjula
  • Bertram (from Thomas & Friends) as Rainer Wolfcastle
  • Scratch and Grounder (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Kangs and Kodos
  • Nigel (from Rio) as Lyle Lanley
  • Professor Z (from Cars 2) as Cecil
  • Jack (from Jack's Big Music Show) as Luigi
  • Daisy (from Thomas & Friends) as Janey
  • Mary (from Jack's Big Music Show) as Allison
  • Flo (from Cars) as Lurleen
  • Digby (from Theodore Tugboat) as Kent Brockman
  • Little Ditcher (from TUGS) as Michael D'Amico
  • Chick Hicks (from Cars) as Russ Cargill
  • Tracy and Sylvia (from Jay Jay the Jet Plane) as Sherri and Terri
  • Pow (from Canimals) as Bleeding Gums Murphy
  • Mr. Lunt (from VeggieTales) as Colin
  • Suke (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Larry Burns
  • Baby Pom Pom (from Homestar Runner) as Sanjay
  • Baby Yoshi (from Super Mario Bros.) as Lewis
  • Gus (from Recess) as Dr. Foster
  • Dongwa (from Sagwa) as Itchy
  • Butch (from Thomas & Friends) as Scratchy
  • Crazy Bus (from Arthur) as Poochie
  • Travis (from Bob the Builder) as Legs
  • TJ (from Recess) as Louie
  • Smudger (from Thomas & Friends) as Johnny Tightlips
  • Pa Gorg (from Fraggle Rock) as Clancy
  • Mario (from Super Mario Bros.) as Dr. J. Loren Pryor
  • Rattles (from Arthur) as Herman

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