• Fred Flinstone: Dag Nibit! I can never find a parking space after lunch!
  • Chicken: Cartoon Network keeps adding stars without adding parking spaces.
  • (Thundarr sips the drink.)
  • Thundarr: Oh! What? There's a space!
  • Fred Flinstone: Reserved for Papa Smurf!
  • (The Flinstones' car stops.)
  • Chicken: La de freaking duh.
  • Thundarr: Wise Papa Smurf, corrupted by his own power. Can no leader go untainted!?!
  • (Chicken takes one sip. Space Ghost is next between The Flintstones' Car and Speed Buggy.)
  • Space Ghost: Hey, fellas. Looking for a parking space? You can take mine.
  • Fred Flinstone: Now this guy's a true hero.
  • Space Ghost: Could have sworn I parked with Wally Gator in F lot or was it in... Now I remember, I flew into work today. Silly me!
  • (Space Ghost flies away.)
  • Fred Flintstone: Oh, brother.
  • Chicken: Oh, man! Look! There's one! There's one!
  • (They sparkled up, next to Speed Racer and Scooby Doo.)
  • Fred Flintstone: Alright boys, I need your foot power to help me gun it.
  • (Chicken throws a drink. Both cars racing straight, Judy Jetson flying in a saucer flying, moving and crashing the other car. Thundarr, Fred Flintstone, and Chicken all laughing. Dick Dastardly rides in with Muttley.)

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