Version 1

  • Billy(Billy and Mandy) as TJ(Billy and TJ are both seen wearing red hats)
  • Buttercup(PPG) as Ashley(Buttercup and Spinelli are both tough)
  • Numbuh 2(KND) as Mikey(Numbuh 2 and Mikey are both fat)
  • Irwin(Billy and Mandy) as Vince(Irwin and Vince are both black and have buzz-cuts)
  • Jimmy(Ed, Edd n Eddy) as Gus
  • Susan Test(Johnny Test) as Gretchen (both wear Glasses)
  • Sperg(Billy and Mandy) as Randall

Version 2

  • Brick as TJ
  • Buttercup as Spinelli
  • Eduardo as Mikey
  • Wilt as Vince
  • Dexter as Gus
  • Nina as Gretchen
  • Jimmy as Randall
  • Kevin as Butch
  • Chip and Skip as The Diggers
  • Dee Dee as Upside-Down Girl
  • Numbuh 60 as King Bob
  • Numbuh 86 as Swinger GIrl
  • Terrence as Lawson
  • Mandark as Menlo
  • Ms. Mucus as Ms. Finster
  • Lumpus as Principal Prickley

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