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Jacqui Cheng's movie spoof Monsters Inc (2001)

Cast known so far:

  • Mike as Ben tennyson (From Ben 10 Alien Force)
  • Sully as Samurai Jack
  • Boo as Hello Kitty
  • Randall Boggs as Humungousaur (from Ben 10: Alien Force)
  • Henry J. Waternoose as Stinkfly (from Ben 10)
  • Celia as Gwen Tennyson (from Ben 10)
  • Roz as Madame Foster (from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)
  • The Abominable Snowman as Eye Guy (from Ben 10)
  • Fungus as Echo Echo (from Ben 10: Alien Force)
  • Needleman and Smitty as Manny and Helen (from Ben 10: Alien Force)
  • Floor Manager as Swampfire (from Ben 10: Alien force)
  • Flint as Brainstorm (from Ben 10: Alien Force)
  • Bile as Four arms (from Ben 10)
  • George Sanderson as XLR (from Ben 10)

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