Cartoon Paradise Season 4 is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It features Cartoon Paradise Season 4 episodes broadcast on PBS Kids. It begins on September 4, 2000.

Episode 1: Camping Out



Episode 2: Kevin The Extreme Biker



Episode 3: Rabbit's Perfect Holiday



Episode 4: The Perfect Score



Episode 5: Amy Lambert's Cooking Services



Episode 6: A Big Fright For Ami

Episode 7: Tooty Takes A Trial

Episode 8: Eddy and The Mysterious Stranger

Episode 9: Charmaine The Runaway

Episode 10: Aya's Dangerous Adventure

Episode 11: Leonardo's New Skills

Episode 12: Miki's Morning Routine

Episode 13: Marina and The Ballet Lesson

Episode 14: Rocko's Nasty Smell

Episode 15: Bailey Saves The Day

Episode 16: Calista's Pretty Flowers

Episode 17: Rev and The Runaway Bull

Episode 18: Mordecai's Virtual World

Episode 19: Circus Chaos

Episode 20: A.J. and Mika's Adventure

Episode 21: Brock Proves His Point

Episode 22: Ally's New Mary Janes

Episode 23: Darwin Thornberry and The Chimp Brothers

Episode 24: Krystal, Raye and The Fish

Episode 25: Al and The Flashlight

Episode 26: Merry Christmas, Ash Ketchum

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