Cartoon Paradise Season 5 is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It features Cartoon Paradise Season 5 episodes broadcast on PBS Kids. It starts on September 3, 2001.

Episode 1: The World's Famous Backstreet Animal



Episode 2: Sarah's Bad Day

Episode 3: The Problem With Madison

Episode 4: Mandi and The Super Rescue

Episode 5: Riff Raff Gets The Goosebumps

Episode 6: The Lost Treasure

Episode 7: Who's For The Gold?

Episode 8: Rodeo Sonic

Episode 9: Cliff and The Bad Look Out

Episode 10: Kimiko's Great Wish

Episode 11: Not So Awesome Daphne

Episode 12: High Speed Brock

Episode 13: From The Top To The Bottom

Episode 14: Doug and The Mysterious Visitor

Episode 15: School Blues

Episode 16: Meilin and Chelsea's Double Duty

Episode 17: A Party To Remember

Episode 18: Ben's New Omnitrix

Episode 19: Lube Takes A Stand

Episode 20: Miki's Adventure

Episode 21: A Tremendous Surprise For Tooty

Episode 22: Konata's Birthday

Episode 23: Runaway Amelia

Episode 24: Ally, Anita and The Power Plant

Episode 25: Mikey's Big Choice

Episode 26: Let It Snow

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