Cartoon Paridise Season 7 is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. It features Cartoon Paridise Season 7 episodes broadcast on PBS Kids. It begins on September 8, 2003.

Episode 1: Ralph and The Washout



Episode 2: Presley and The Map

Episode 3: Saving Iggy

Episode 4: Marina and The Ski Competition

Episode 5: Ash and The Rabbits

Episode 6: Roxanne Miles and The Legendary Scepter

Episode 7: Shaggy, Alexander and The Drip Tank

Episode 8: Amelia and The Carrot

Episode 9: Brock Goes Foreign

Episode 10: Alex Davis and The Old Groaner

Episode 11: Paolo In Trouble

Episode 12: Mandi and The Near Miss

Episode 13: Eddy and The Missing Baggage

Episode 14: Otto's Traffic Jam

Episode 15: A Little Learning For Scooby

Episode 16: Nelson Cracks A Nut

Episode 17: Skeeter's Reliable Plan

Episode 18: Cliff and The New Greaser

Episode 19: Meilin, Chelsea and The Ghost

Episode 20: Doug Gets The Ticket

Episode 21: Krystal and The Bee

Episode 22: Kimi and The Mysterious Letter

Episode 23: Ralph and Nikki

Episode 24: Shenzi and A Delicious Snack

Episode 25: Touchdown Ally

Episode 26: Home For The Holidays

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