Cartoon Premierezo is an animated showcase created by Fred Seibert (maker of Oh Yeah! Cartoons and Random Cartoons). Like Oh Yeah!, their is a host. Unlike Oh Yeah!, there are no live-action but animated hosts. The host is Stan Lee (voice of George Lowe) who also stars in his own short "America's Funniest Home Video Show". Only six shorts were greenlighted into the series; The Beatles, Cool McCool, Prehistorical References, Josh & Tom, America's Funniest Home Video Show and Xeo in the Big City. Freak City was greenlighted too but as a segment for Xeo in the Big City. The Odd Couple was made into 12 different shorts appearing randomly in commercials.


  • Franny - Flop
  • Sight-Night - Flop
  • Boris & Morris in the Circus - Flop
  • The Odd Couple - Success
  • The Beatles - Success
  • Clownie & Mime - Flop
  • Cool McCool and the Owled Moon - Success
  • Monotony - Flop
  • Boombox - Flop
  • Prometheus and Bob Years Later - Success; renamed Prehistorical References
  • BrainWave - Flop
  • The Snot Fairy - Flop
  • Josh & Tom - Success
  • Blotto - Flop
  • Jack and Amy - used in GoAnimate
  • Ghost Night - Flop
  • Toenail Changing Time - Flop
  • Freak City - Success
  • Viva Zapatos - Flop
  • America's Funniest Home Video Show - Success
  • Bubble Boy - Flop
  • Xeo in the Big City in the Beginning - Success
  • Fireman - Flop
  • Vanished - Flop

24 shorts total

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