Timewarptriotoystory's spoof to South Park


Stan marsh - Joe Arthur (Time warp trio)

Kyle broflovski - Sam walterson (Time warp trio)

Eric cartman - Harold berman (Hey Arnold)

Kenny mccormick - Gus griswald (Recess)

Butters stotch - Greg heffley (Diary of a wimpy kid)

Bebe stevens - Jodie Arthur (Time warp trio)

Clyde Donovan - Sheen Estevez (Jimmy neutron)

Craig tucker - Earwin Lawson (Recess)

Jimmy valmer - Hermey (Rudolph the red nosed reindeer)

Pip pirrup - Gumball waterson (The amazing world of gumball)

Red - Gretchen grundler (Recess)

Scott malkinson - Andy davis (Toy story)

Timmy burch - Jeff boomhauer (King of the hill)

Token black - Vince lasalle (Recess)

Tweek tweak - Arnold (Hey Arnold)

Wendy testaburger - Anna Arthur (Time warp trio)

Alex glick - Gumby

Allen varcas - Tj detweiler (Recess)

Allie nelson - Phoebe (Hey arnold)

Annie knits - Pamela Arthur (Time warp trio)

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