Cartoons/Harry Potter has a parody of episodes "Bothering Snape" to "Neville's Birthday".


Bugs Bunny as Harry Potter

Daffy Duck as Ron Weasley

Plankton as Voldemort

Thomas as Dumbledore

Lola Bunny as Hermione

Mr. Potato Head as Severus Snape

Big Mac as Rubeus Hagrid

Pinocchio as Draco Malfoy

Dopey Dwarf as Cedric

Percy as Argus

Jack Frost as Dobby

Lotso as Neville

Mr. Worry as Sirius Black

Little Miss Daredevil as Luna

Tigress as Ginny

Mr. Forgetful as Nightmare Harry Potter

Tweety as Nightmare Dumbledore

Candace as Nightmare Hermione

Squidward as Nightmare Ron

Baby Pom Pom as Nightmare Snape

Perry the Baby Platypus as Nightmare Voldemort

Baby from Karen B. Jones Book as Animated Ron

and Me as Neil


From "Bothering Mr. Potato Head"


Baby: Righty-o!

Mr. Potato Head: I am Mr. Potato the manafacturing master

Baby n' Bugs: Bother, bother, bother, bother! and.......Thomas: Now where did Mr. Head go? More importantly, where the Percy am I? ...........................................IT'S CHUFFIN' TIME!

From "Trouble at Toontown"


Plankton: I don't see anybody.

Baby: Gurgle, coo, coo, gurgle, ahh, goo, gaa, gaa, goo, goo, goo, goo, gaa, gaa, goo, gaa, goo, goo, baba, WA!

Plankton: Karen!

Baby: Poo poo caca? Goo gaa aaawwwaaaahhhhhh!

Bugs, Lola and Baby Girl: Poo, doc, poo, kill, RAAAAAOOOOOOOOH!


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