• (Petunia Eats To Berry and Berry Falls)
  • Cheer Bear: Five-Second Rule!
  • Goofy: 5, 4,...
  • Cheer Bear: Hang On.
  • Goofy: 3, 2, 1!!!
  • Cheer Bear: Got it.
  • Proud Heart Cat: Whoa no way, we are not eating that discuss.
  • Cheer Bear: It's Fine it past the Five-Second Rule,
  • Proud Heart Cat: The great touch the ground it's poisoned!
  • Cheer Bear: Oh Come on it barely touched the ground.
  • Proud Heart Cat: What you know what else Ben touches the ground starlight off torial Boone's wrote hold on dung beetles.
  • Cheer Bear: Oh No! Stop! It's all great, It's Not like we're eating broccoli.
  • Proud Heart Cat: Don't even go there or buggers.
  • Cheer Bear: Three of dog food.
  • Proud Heart Cat: Shut your mouth.

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