• (We open in on Petunia practicing with the Foghorns. She misses a shot and falls down. Inside Headquarters, Loyal Heart Dog and the others have just seen this.)
  • Loyal Heart Dog (Care Bear Cousins): Oh, we just fell down. We should cry. (she pulls a lever)
  • Proud Heart Cat (Care Bear Cousins): Loyal Heart, no!
  • (Petunia starts to weep.)
  • Goofy (Disney): AAAHH! We can't cry in front of other kids!
  • Donald Duck (Disney): Stop her!
  • Cheer Bear and the others restrain Loyal Heart Dog
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears): Stop it, Loyal Heart Dog!
  • Loyal Heart Dog (Care Bear Cousins): I can't help it, Cheer Bear! (starts to cry) I'm entering a sadness spiral.
  • (She cries loudly. Loyal Heart's tears start to fall on the others.)
  • (Proud Heart Cat starts wiping the tears off of her clothes.)
  • Proud Heart Cat (Care Bear Cousins): Disgusting! She's getting tears on me!
  • Goofy (Disney): Cheer Bear, calm her down!
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears): Uh, okay. Uh, how about we stop being sad and um...
  • (Loyal Heart Dog continues to cry as she rushes back to the control panel. Cheer Bear pulls his away from it.)
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears): Hey, look at this!
  • (Cheer Bear starts to dance. As she dances Loyal Heart Dog attempts to go back to the control panel but is stopped every time by Cheer Bear.)
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears): ♪I'm doing the happy dance! I'm not wearing any pants! Something, something France, I'm doing the happy dance! Hey!♪
  • (Tears start to form in Loyal Heart's eyes.)
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears): Your desperation makes me sad!
  • (Loyal Heart Dog goes away, continues to cry and walks towards the control panel but Cheer Bear pulls her back)
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears): Okay, forget that. Um, how about we turn that frown upside down, huh?
  • (Cheer Bear makes Loyal Heart Dog smile with her fingers as the others pull her back from the control panel. A whistle is heard blowing. Petunia's coach appears on the screen.)
  • Petunia's Coach: Good hustle, everyone! Now let's get some ice cream!
  • (Petunia smiles)
  • Cheer Bear and her other friends: Ice cream!
  • (Cheer Bear lets go of Loyal Heart Dog making her fall face first on top of Donald Duck.)
  • Donald Duck (Disney): Whoa! Oof!
  • Loyal Heart Dog (Care Bear Cousins): Hello, Donald Duck.
  • Donald Duck (Disney): Get off of me!

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