Cartoons/Muppet Movie is a series with Muppet audio and footage from Phineas and Ferb, Pingu, SpongeBob, etc.


Sylvester [from Loony Toons] as Kermit

Mrs. Krabs [from SpongeBob] as Miss Piggy

Thomas the Tank Engine as Fozzie Bear

Goofy as Gonzo

Odie as Rowlf the Dog

Patrick as Animal

Pingu from Pingu as Zoot

Pepe le Pew as Lips

Plankton as Beeker

Timmy Turner as Bunsen Honeydew

Mr. Tickle as Dr. Teeth

Road Runner as Pepe

Garfield the Cat as Rizzo Rat

Mr. Grumpy as Sam the Eagle

Slinkman from Camp Lazlo as Clifford

Raj as Mulch

Mr. Nervous as Johnny Fiama

Mr. Small as Sal

Mr. Nosey as Waldorf

Mr. Scatterbrain as Dr. Van Neuter

Mr. Messy as Statler

Mr. Forgetful as Scooter


Jim Henson as Mr. Nosey, Odie, Sylvester Cat and Mr Tickle

Frank Oz as Mama Krabs, Thomas, Patrick and Mr.Grumpy

Jerry Nelson as Raj

Richard Hunt as Mr Messy and Sheldon

and David Goelz as Pingu, Goofy and Timmy Turner

with Steven Whitmire as Garfield and Pepe Le Pew

Brian Henson as Mr. Small and Mr ScatterBrain

Kevin Clash as SlinkMan the Snail


Mr Scatterbrain: Raj, Raj, Raj! The fan art!

Raj: Yeah, right.

Mr. Scatterbrain: Oh, boy, oh, boy, o-WHAT?! Just 20 bags chock-full of thirty-five packs?

Slinkman, Pepe Le Pew, Patrick, Pingu, Mr Tickle, Odie: ROCKING ALL AROUND THE WOOOOORLD!

Mr. Grumpy: Dum-dee-dum, ditty dum, de-dum, dum, dum, de-ditty-dum, d-

Sylvester: Hey, Missssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssster Grumpy. That seems dreamy. What is it?

Pit Band

Pingu on saxophone

Patrick on drums

Odie on piano

Pepe le Pew on trumpet

Squidward on bass guitar


Mr. Persnickety as the conductor


Awaah Aaawwwaaaa

The Birthday Connection

The Dillydale Hotel

How High Barney

Picture This

Life's A Happy Day

Baby Band

Squishy Stinky Diapie

Baby Pom Pom

Babies Candace Ferb Perry and Baljeet


Mr. Rude


Nug Nug, Crooked Cucumbers, I Am Your Father, Wonderful, You Are Special, Giggity Gue

Sylvester on Setoome Street

Sylvester has been in The Toonpets and Setoome Street too.

Cast and Crew

Writer: Roger Hargreaves

Channels: PBS in Canada, Disney in UK, Nick at Nite in America

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