The Muppet Show

Kermit-Spongebob,Patrick,Squidward,Skeletor,He-Man,She-Ra,Mr. Grumpy,Stinkoman,Candace,Blossom,Mr. Tall,Baby Pom Pom,Pom Pom,Pommi,Pum Pum,The Cheat

Miss Piggy-Homer,Yo,Marge,Yaya,Jonas,Loulou,Horace,Albert,Irving,Candace,Wimzie,Sandy,Patrick,Bonita,Ella,Cyd,Herbie,Louis,


Fozzy Bear-Mr. Funny, Horace, Yaya, Ferb, Candace and Old Stuck Up

Gonzo-Anyone from Jimmy Neutron

Animal-A grumpy Christmas character

Pepe-Someone bossy or greedy or messy or fussy or bad or rude or cool or cheerful or lazy or scary or neat or tidy or naughty or persnickety or grouchy,Mr. Messy,Anyone from PnF




Sam the Eagle-Anybody naughty or mean

Dr. Teeth-TUGS Character

Floyd-Mr. Man or someone from the grumpy

Janice-Somebody from Rankin Bass or somebody happy

Zoot-Mr. Nobody, someone harsh and grouchy

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