• Shaggy Rogers (From Scooby-Doo) as Mario
  • Hazel (From Watership Down) as Dr. Mario
  • Scooby-Doo (From Scooby-Doo) as Luigi
  • Sharptooth (From The Land Before Time I) as Bowser
  • Penelope Pitstop (From The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop) as Peach
  • Littlefoot (From The Land Before Time) as Yoshi
  • Charlie B. Barkin as Donkey Kong
  • He-Man (From He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe) as Captain Falcon
  • Captain Hook (From Peter Pan) as Ganondorf
  • Young Copper (From The Fox & The Hound) as Falco
  • Young Tod (From The Fox & The Hound) as Fox
  • Po (From Teletubbies) as Ness
  • Tilly & Tiny (From Tots TV) as Ice Climbers
  • Oliver (From Oliver & Company) as Kirby
  • Fiver (From Watership Down) as Pikachu
  • Marie (From The Aristocats) as Jigglypuff
  • Pipkin (From Watership Down) as Pichu
  • Dipsy (From Teletubbies) as Lucas
  • Robespierre (From Gay Purr-ee) as Megaman
  • Scrappy-Doo (From Scooby-Doo) as Young Link
  • Pinocchio (From Pinocchio) as Villager
  • Peter Rabbit (From Beatrix Potter) as Sonic
  • Benjamin Bunny (From Beatrix Potter) as Tails
  • Tommy Pickles (From Rugrats) as Squirtle
  • Chuckie Finster (From Rugrats) as Bulbasaur
  • Mowgli (From The Jungle Book) as Toon Link
  • Jimmy Neutron (From Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) as Spyro

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