• A Pinked-Maroon Bear Like Cartoon (South Park- Imaginationland: The Trilogy)
  • A Blue Ghost Like Cartoon with A Red Nose and A Tooth
  • A Yellow Fuzzball Alien Like Cartoon
  • A Blue Guy Look Like Cartoon with Green Horns and Teeth
  • A Frog-Cymball Like Cartoon
  • A Red Bearded Little Guy Like Cartoon with A Blue Nose
  • A Bee Like Cartoon (wearing a purple shirt)
  • A Yellow Girl with Green Hair, Brawls and Pants
  • A Green One-Eyed Like Costume Cartoon
  • A Purple Monster with A One-Eyed Red Eye
  • A Pink Guy Wearing Headphones Like Cartoon (with his kids)
  • A One Eyed Monster Brown Like Cartoon (with horns)

There names will arrive in this this trilogy list.

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