• Robyn Starling as Susan Murphy
  • Star Butterfly as Ginormica
  • Top Cat as B.O.B.
  • Tom the Cat as Dr.Cockrouch
  • Timmy Brisby as The Missing Link
  • Droopy the Dog as Incentosaurus/Butterflyasaurus
  • Captain Hook as Gallaxhar
  • Captain Hook's Pirates as Gallaxhar's Clones
  • Mister Smee as Gallaxhar's Computer
  • Rex as General Warren R. Monger
  • Mr. Paul as President Hathaway
  • Tyler as Derek Dietl
  • Brain as Carl Murphy
  • Colette as Wendy Murphy
  • Lola as Katie
  • Alvin as Cuthbert
  • Flint Lockwood as News Reporter
  • Pacha as Newsreader
  • Monster House as Robot Probe
  • Alleycats as Other Robot Probes

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