Casey is a charectar in The New Original Story 2.

Name: Casey Jenny Junior.

Born: April 13th, 2013.

Age (8).

Dad: Glenn (Charectar).

Cousin: Judy. 

Friends: Dylan (Charectar) and Jack.

Played by: Ms. Nicole.


Actually before Dylan met her Casey has always wanted friends and her father was too busy working at Human Body Store so at 8 years old Casey got Dylan as her friend.


Casey is always happy and nice even she's sweet, more like her father she like's dream journals and has dreamed of having one.

The  New Original Story 2

In The New Original Story 2 Casey is 8 years old and is the friend of Dylan.


Dylan taught to do acrabatic's and roar like a lion. 


Before production Casey was originally named Marsa and Argentina.

2: Casey was originally created for the first movie and was named Casidena but was cut because would've been Kelly's sister.

3: Casey's original charectar Casidena was in a deleted scene The Teengirl's Arrival wich was added to The New Original Story.

4: There was a charectar named Jessie who was added to the story.

By: Roc.

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