• Casey Jr as Peter Pan
  • Tillie as Wendy Darling
  • Ivor as John Darling
  • Toots as Michael Darling
  • Mellisa as Tinkerbell
  • Cinderella's Husband as George Darling
  • Cinderella as Mary Darling
  • Tootle as Slighty
  • Tom Jerry as Cubby
  • Huey and Blue (Azul) as The Twins
  • Doc as Nibs
  • Alfred as Tootles
  • Cerebus as Captain Hook
  • Farnsworth as Mr. Smee
  • Johnny as Edward
  • Georgia as Jane
  • Troublesome Trucks as Captain Hook's Pirates
  • Alfred as the Octopus
  • Pufle as Danny
  • Emma as Nana and Nana II
  • Rasmus as Terence
  • Jason as Blaze
  • Thomas as Jake
  • Emily as Izzy
  • Edward as Skully
  • Oliver as Cubby
  • Skarloey as Sharky
  • Rheneas as Bones
  • Bulgy as Popping Pop Octopus
  • Smudger as Tick Tock The Crocodile
  • Molly as Pirate Princess

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