• Percy as Pinocchio (Both son figures to Thomas and Geppetto)
  • Thomas as Geppetto (Both father figures to Percy and Pinocchio)
  • Casey Jr as Jiminy Cricket (Both follow Percy and Pinocchio)
  • Diesel as Stromboli (Both devious)
  • Cerberus as Monstro the Whale (Percy, can't be Monstro, Percy is Good and Monstro is Evil)
  • Tillie as The Blue Fairy (Both blue, smart, and beautiful)
  • Johnny as Figaro (Both splendid)
  • Georgia as Cleo (Both beautiful)
  • Spencer as Lampwick (Spencer is evil in Hero of the Rails)
  • The trucks as The Donkeys (Both troublesome)
  • Blue Trucks as The Seaguls
  • Green Trucks as the Fishes
  • Fred the Orange Truck as the Big Fish
  • Season 1 Trucks as The Coachman's Minions
  • Diesel 10 as Lampwick the donkey (Diesel 10 is evil in Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  • Montana as The Wicked Coachman
  • Stepney as Alexander
  • James as Honest John (Both red and vain)
  • Edward as Gideon (Both stick with James and Honest John)
  • Oliver as Roger Rabbit (cameo)
  • Toots, Elizabeth, Molly, Mavis, Daisy, Emily, Mellisa, Tootle, Emma, Pufle, Ivor, Jebibiah, Pete, Farnsworth, Tom Jerry, Doc, Rasmus, Jacob and Duck as the Puppets
  • Sir Reginald as Grumpy (cameo)
  • Greendale Rocket as Sleepy (cameo)
  • Jason as Happy (cameo)


Version 1

  • Casey Jr: (grumbling) Spencer... Ha! Spencer... This burns me up. After all, I tried to do for him, who is his conscience anyway? Me or that no good train Spencer?! Right! I've had enough of this. I'm taking the next boat out of here. (knocks on the door) Open up that door, open it up, I want to go home. (hears a braying noise)
  • Montana: Come on, you blokes! Keep it moving! Finely there now! We haven't got all night!
  • Casey Jr: (puzzled) Where are all those troublesome trucks coming from?
  • 'Montana: Come on, come on! Let's have another! (a truck appears) 'And what's your name? (the truck brays) Okay, you'll do. In you go! (kicks the truck with the others) You boys will bring a nice price. (laughs evilly) Alright, next! And what might your name be?
  • Stepney: Stepney the Bluebell Engine.
  • Montana: Hmm... So you can talk, eh?
  • Stepney: Yes, sir. I want to go home to my parents.
  • Montana: Take him back! He can still talk! (throws Stepney in with the other donkeys)
  • Stepney: Please, please, I don't want to be a donkey. (the other engines beg) Let me out of here!
  • Montana: (cracks his whip) QUIET! (scares the engines) You boys have had your fun. Now pay for it!
  • Casey Jr: Boys? So that's what... PERCY!

Version 2

  • Spencer: Ha! To hear that engine speaks, (takes a sip of his beer) you would think something's going to happen to us. (suddenly springs out black thunder hairs, as Percy looks at the beer, and realizes that it has an effect, and pushes it away) Conscience, eh? Ah, phooey! (strikes a ball and grows a sharp metal beard. A shocked Percy gapes and throws away a cigarette) Where does he get that stuff? How do you ever expect to be a real train? (leans over the pool table as his funnel vanishes) What does think I look like, (turns around, grabs his cigarette, and shows Percy that he now has a claw) a diesel?!
  • Percy: You sure are! (laughs, but suddenly brays in the middle of his laughter, and covers his mouth in shock)
  • Spencer: Hey, you laugh like a donkey! (laughs then also brays and covers his mouth as well) Did that come out of me?! (Percy nods in a horrified look. Spencer touches his face, realizing that he has donkey ears, and gasps in terror) Huh? (Spencer feels something on his backs and tugs at his tail) What the? What's going on?! (looks in the mirror, realizes that he is turning into Diesel 10, and screams in terror) AAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'VE BEEN DOUBLE-CROSSED! HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY, HELP! (runs around and panics for help) I'VE BEEN FRAMED! HELP! (begs to Percy to help him) Please, you've got to help me. Oh, be a pal. Call that engine. Call anybody! (lets go off Percy as his buffers close up and his tender vanishes. Percy gasps in terror) Mama? MAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAA!! (In the shadow, Spencer is forced to turn into Diesel 10, starts braying uncontrolably, and begins kicking everything as Percy runs away and ducks under a chair. When Spencer leaves braying wildly, Percy suddenly sprouts out donkey ears)
  • Percy: Oh! What's happening?
  • Casey Jr: I hope I'm not too late. (rushes to the rescue)
  • Percy: What will I do?! (springs out a donkey tail, grabs its end, and gasps in terror)
  • Casey Jr: Percy?!
  • Percy: Casey?! Oh, Casey, help me!
  • Casey Jr: Quick, Percy. The kids, they're boys. They're all donkeys. Oh! You too? Come on, quick, let's get out of here, before you get any worse. (Casey and Percy run to the beach) This way, Percy, it's the only way out. (Casey and Percy climb the mountain) Come on, quick, before they see us. (Casey and Percy stop) You've got to jump. (Casey and Percy jump into and make a humongous splash!)

Version 3

  • Casey Junior: Well, it's about time! (Willie sneezing)
  • (Percy and Thomas struggle away from Cerberus)
  • Percy: Hang on! And here we go!
  • (Cerberus sneezes)
  • Casey Junior: (hangs onto a telephone pole) Bless you!
  • (Cerberus inhales)
  • Thomas: We're going back, sonny.
  • Percy: No, father, we'll make it this, so let's go faster.
  • (Cerberus pulls Thomas and Percy back in)
  • Thomas: It's no use, we're done for!
  • (Willie sneezes again and spits out Percy and Thomas out of his mouth again)
  • Percy: (happily) We've made it.

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