Johnny (from The Brave Engineer) as Stan Marsh

Tootle (from Little Golden Book Land) as Kyle Broflovski

Montana (from Play Safe) as Eric Cartman

Speedy McCallister (from Chuggington) as Kenny McCormick

Pufle (from Steam Train) as Butters Stotch

Linus (from The Brave Locomotive) as Chef

Alfred (from Porky's Railroad) as Mr. Garrison

Girl Train (from The Little Engine That Could '2011 film') as Wendy Testaburger

Casey Jr. (from Disney's Dumbo) as Randy Marsh

Tillie (from The Little Engine that Could) as Sharon Marsh

Holley Shiftwell (from Cars 2) as Shelly Marsh

Harrison (from Chuggington) as Jimbo Kern

Rusty (from The Little Engine that Could '2011 film') as Ned Gerblansky

Toots (from Porky's Railroad) as Gerald Broflovski

Melissa (from Onion Pacific) as Shelia Broflovski

Lightning Mcqueen (from Cars) as Ike Broflovski

Mtambo (from Chuggington) as Stuart McCormick

Emma (from Jim Button) as Carol McCormick

Koko (from Chuggington) as Liane McCormick

Zack (from Chuggington) as Stephen Stotch

Sally (from Cars) as Linda Stotch

Carla Veloso (from Cars 2) as Ms. Crabtree

Freight Train (from The Little Engine that Could '2011 film') as Terrance

Little Chug (from Little Chug) as Phillip

Samson (from The Brave Locomotive) as Scott the Dick

Mickey (from Mickey Mouse) as Jesus Christ

Cerberus (from The Little Engine that Could '2011 film') as Satan

Jake (from Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Tweek Tweak

Kanga (from Winnie the Pooh) as Mayor McDaniels/Principal Victoria

Pooh (from Winnie the Pooh) as Mr. Mackey

Zephie (from Chuggington) as Ms. Ellen

Emily (from TTTE) as Bebe Stevens

Old Puffer Pete (from Chuggington) as Clyde Donovan

Tom Jerrry (from Onion Pacific) as Craig Tucker

Choo Choo (from Choo Choo) as Jimmy Vulmer

Pufferty (from Tickety Tock) as Pip Pirrup

The Horrid Truck (a made up Casey Jr. and Friends character) as Timmy

Caboose (from The Little Engine that Could '2011 film') as Mr. Hat/Mr. Twig

Silver Fish (from Porky's Railroad) as Curly Goth

Greendale Rocket (from Postman Pat) as Kindergarten Goth

Lilly the Coach (a made up Casey Jr. and Friends character) as Henrietta

Jacob Pnewmatic (from Jacob Pnewmatic) as Red Goth

Basil (from The Wind in the Willows) as Officer Barbrady

Steam Lokey (from Paul Bunyan) as Grandpa Marvin Marsh

Lofty (from Bob the Builder) as Token Black

Wilson (from Chuggington) as Dr. Mephisto

Irving (from Chuggington) as Mr. Hankey

Metro (from Rustee Rails Rides Again) as Gregory of Yardale

Captain Zero (from TUGS) as Kevin McCormick

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