Julian Bernardino's Movie Spoof of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. It will appear after Casey Jr. & Friends.


  • Casey Jr (from The Reluctant Dragon, Kronk's New Groove, and Dumbo) as Thomas # 1 (Both the main heroes)
  • Rustee Rails (from Little Tykes Land & Rustee Rails Rides Again) as Henry # 3 (Both wise, clumsy, and funny)
  • Montana (from Play Safe) as Gordon # 4 (Both proud)
  • Harry Hogwarts (from Harry Potter 1998 & 2011) as James # 5 (Both vain)
  • Tootle (from Little Golden Book Land) as Percy # 6 (Casey Jr and Tootle are both best friends, just like Thomas and Percy are)
  • Shelbert (from The Little Engine That Could "2011 film") as Toby # 7 (Both wise)
  • Bahia Train (from The Three Caballeros) as Lady # 16 (Both beautiful)
  • Cerberus (from The Little Engine That Could "2011 film") as Diesel 10
  • Samson (from The Brave Locomotive) and The Train (from AICP Minneapolis 2007) as Splatter and Dodge
  • Casey Junior's Coaches (extra Casey Junior's caboose) (from Dumbo) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Lightning Mac (from Cars) as Bertie # 42
  • Pedro (from Saludo Amigos) as Harold
  • Mario (from Super Mario Bros.) as Mr. Conductor
  • Luigi (from Super Mario Bros.) as Junior
  • Penny (from Inspector Gadget) as Lily
  • Princess Peach (from Super Mario Bros.) as Stacy Jones
  • Inspector Gadget (from Inspector Gadget) as Burnett Stone
  • Adult Tricky (from Star Fox) as Billy Twofeathers
  • Pinocchio (from Pinocchio) as Patch
  • Brain (from Inspector Gadget) as Mutt
  • Henrietta, Elsie, Flora's Tram Coach, and Victoria (cameo)
  • Cranky as Himself (cameo)
  • Butch as Himself (cameo)
  • King Koopa (from Super Mario Bros.) as Himself
  • Mickey Mouse as Sir Topham Hatt (not seen)
  • Minnie Mouse as Lady Hatt (mentioned)
  • George as Himself (cut from movie)
  • Flyng Scotsman, National Railway Museum Chocolate and Cream Coach, Blue and White Mk1s, and NER Saloon (from Michael Palin's Great Railway Journeys Episode 1 in 1980) as Engine No. 475 and Its Coaches


Quote 01:

  • The Train: So, Boss, uh, how come you let Twinkletoes escape?
  • Cerberus: [in a slightly ashamed but still "tough-guy" tone] Oh, that... uh... well, I-I was TESTing him... to see if he COULD - - escape.
  • Samson: [in a sarcastic skeptical tone] Ahhh... yeah... Liar, liar.
  • The Train: Pants on fire.
  • Samson: Does he wear pants?
  • The Train: Well, TRAINing pants...

Quote 02:

  • [Bahia Train gets her face in the Magic Railroad]
  • Bahia Train So, Gadget. You didn't forget about magic, it's safe inside you.

Quote 03:

  • [Cerberus sees the big hole on the viaduct]
  • Cerberus: What?! What's going on?
  • [tries to stop]
  • Cerberus: Whoa, hold it, hold it. Hold on, hold on, (screams 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' in terror)
  • [falls off the viaduct, but manages to grab on a bit of the track board]
  • Cerberus: Puffball! Teapot! Tin Kettttllllee!
  • [the board breaks, and Cerberus falls down below, landing on a passing barge]
  • Cerberus: Oh. Oh well, nice time of the year for a cruise.
  • [chuckles]
  • Diesel 10: [Barge takes Diesel 10 away]

Quote 04:

  • Casey Junior: Little Engines can do Big Things!

Quote 05:

  • Shelbert: [the engines discuss about how to stop Cerberus] What's important is to stand up on our own wheels to Cerberus.
  • Rustee Rails: Shelbert's right. Cerberus knows that the lost engine in the legend really exists.
  • Harry Hogwarts: What Engine?
  • Tootle: What Legend?
  • Rustee Rails: Of an engine whose magic makes her more powerful than Cerberus will ever be, that's why he wants to find her.
  • Tootle: Then we'd better find her first.
  • Harry Hogwarts: [comes out of the shed] Leave it to the big engines, Tootle.
  • Casey Junior: Little Engines can do big things, especially when they have nice blue paint like me.

Quote 06:

  • Montana: You, Casey Junior, look small. Small! Small! Small! Teeny-eeny-Weeny. But I... I'm a big blue engine who knows everything.
  • [chuckles]
  • Casey Junior: Bossy Sprockets! All that steam has gone through your funnel.

Quote 07:

  • Cerberus: Make the most of tonight, Twinkle Toes; Because you won't like tomorrow!

Quote 08:

  • Samson: [to The Train, about Casey] Hey! Hey! Just watch what happens to that blue puffball...
  • The Train: When Pedro the flopper chopper flies past here.
  • Samson: Right!
  • Pedro: [Flies by] Routine, fly-by chaps. Hello!
  • Samson: The Boss dumped sneezing powder everywhere.
  • The Train: Let's start laughing now!
  • Samson: [laughing] Yeah!
  • Pedro: [Flies past the shed, causing dust to fly everywhere, which covers poor Casey in dust, including Samson and the Train] Sorry, fellows. Bit of a dust up, love to stay and clean up. Got to go, bye now!
  • [Flies away. Samson and The Train cough through the dust]
  • Samson: Erm, did you mean to look like that?!
  • Dodge: Umm... No!
  • Splatter: Uh... Neither did I!
  • Casey Junior: This must be Diesel's doing. [has a sneeze effect, and tries to hold his breath, but sneezes, and continues to sneeze while puffing along] Ah-choo-choo.
  • [puffs away]

Quote 09:

  • Lightning MacQueen: How about a race, Casey?
  • [makes rumble sounds]
  • Casey Junior: Sorry, LightMacQueen. I can't today. I have to be a really useful engine and solve some mysteries instead.
  • Lightning MacQueen: I guess that means I win, perhaps another day.
  • [makes rumble sounds]

Quote 10:

  • Penny, Inspector Gadget's Daughter: You're a Really Useful Engine, Casey.

Quote 11:

  • [the clue to the source of the magic gold dust]
  • Mario: Stoke up the magic in the mountain, and the lady will smile... then watch the swirls that spin so well.

Quote 12:

  • [the conductors finally get their supply of magic gold dust]
  • Casey Junior: Bahia Train, you're a really helpful engine.
  • Bahia Train: And helping each other, brings to life the magic in all of us.

Quote 13:

  • [Casey and Bahia are approaching the collapsing viaduct while on a collision course with another train, with Irish Railways 4-6-0 No. 461, with a green coach, blue and coach yellow, and five red and yellow coaches]
  • Inspector Uncle Gadget: Well, Bahia; This is your Shining Time, too.
  • Bahia Train: I hope so.

Quote 14:

  • Adult Tricky: Important day, Mario?
  • Mario: It is a very important day!

Quote 15:

  • Cerberus: [starts chasing Casey, Bahia, and Inspector Gadget] Now I'll get you, Burnett Stone.
  • Grandpa Burnett Stone: No, you won't. Because the magic you refused to believe in will get the better of you.

Quote 16:

  • Cerberus: [singing] Old MacDiesel had a plan/Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh!/With a pinch pinch here/ And a pinch pinch there/ Here a pinch/ There a pinch
  • [laughs]
  • Cerberus: I crack myself up.

Quote 17:

  • Cerberus: [singing] I've been working on the railway/ All the livelong day
  • [laughs]
  • Cerberus: Who wants to work a livelong day, anyway?

Quote 18:

  • [Mickey Mouse phones to Mario]
  • Mario: Oh, good afternoon, Sir... A real honor, Sir; Like my family before me... and how is Lady Hatt? Yes... Watch out for Cerberus, definetely... And keep an eye on Rustee Rails's health, certainly... Uh, yes, Sir; The Three Rs: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic... I mean... I will be Responsible, Reliable, and Really Useful... Yes, Sir. We will go get a good night's sleep, looking forward to a hard day tomorrow. Good-bye, Sir!
  • [hangs up]

Quote 19:

  • [Mario has run out of gold dust]
  • Casey Junior: Excuse me, Mario, but what's happened to your sparkle?
  • Mario: I don't know, Casey. I guess I'll just have to sleep on that.
  • Casey Junior: On your sparkle?
  • Mario: No, Thomas, on the problem of what happened to it.
  • Tootle: Oh, but, excuse me, Mario. Without your sparkle or the lost engine, you can't travel to help us anymore.
  • Mario: I'll solve the problem, you just go to sleep now.
  • Casey Junior: Easy for you to say.

Quote 20:

  • [Pinocchio enters Gadget's workshop and sees an engine there]
  • Pinocchio: I guess there was something mysterious about this mountain.
  • Inspector Gadget: Yeah, all mountains have their secrets, Pinoke. Shouldn't surprise a kid like you.

Quote 21:

  • [Gadget introduces Bahia to Pinoke]
  • Pinoke: Why is she locked up?
  • Inspector Gadget: She isn't, she's safe from harm. Long ago, I made a mistake as Bahia's caretaker. An evil diesel found Bahia, and threatened to destroy her. He chased her, used up all her coal. He made her go too fast, and then he crashed her. And I brought her here, I tried my best to fix her up. But I've never been able to bring her to life... to make her steam. Pinoke, she's as precious as gold.

Quote 22:

  • [Mario and Luigi are both out of gold dust]
  • Luigi: Hey, it's a beautiful day. I mean, we're down, but we're not out.
  • Mario: No, we're *out*, but we're not *down*.

Quote 23:

  • Shelbert: We've got to delay them, and try to distract them! Hmm... Hmm... Ah-ha!
  • [Shelbert blows his whistle five times]
  • Cerberus: It's the old teapot! Smash him!
  • [Cerberus knocks down the shed roof, which traps him, Samson, and The Train inside]
  • Cerberus: Hey! Let us out of here! Dang it all! Aw, I hate it when this happens!
  • Shelbert: Good show.
  • [flees]
  • The Train: Uh... boss... did you mean to let the roof fall in?
  • Samson: Yeah, all the way in?
  • Cerberus: I always mean what I do!
  • [all moan]

Quote 24:

  • Mr. C. Junior: [holding conch shell as phone] My shell phone's not working properly.

Quote 25:*[scene cut from the finished movie]

  • P.T. Boomer: Now I'll get you, Gadget! And your little engine, too!
  • Inspector Gadget: No you won't, Boomer, because the magic you refuse to believe in will get the better of you!

Quote 26:

  • [scene cut from the finished movie]
  • Cerberus: [noticing that Boomer has landed on his roof] That makes two of us!

Quote 27:

  • [first lines]
  • Mario: [narrating] Hello I'm Mr. Mario, and I'm going to tell you a story about trains, folks far apart, and the magic railroad, which brings them together.

Quote 28:

  • [Mario is walking along the tracks when Cerberus suddenly comes behind him. When he sees him, Mario begins running up a very steep hill]
  • Cerberus: Oh, I see you forgot to bring the sugar!
  • [Mario tries to escape up a hill, but is too slow, and rolls down into Cerberus's cab]

Quote 29:

  • [Mario is being threatend by Cerberus]
  • Cerberus: Now tell me the truth, where do you think the buffers are? [while Mario is trying to escape] You've got ten seconds! Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! On...
  • Mario: You're too late!
  • [Mario fires his flower fires into the firebox, causing Cerberus's fire to burn pouring as Cerberus gets a very uncomfortable look on his face. Mario escapes, then begins flying, and eventually lands at the windmill]

Quote 30:

  • Mario: [looking straight into the camera and addressing the children watching the movie, and indicating the big wide heap of pillows that he has just landed on after having been thrown aside by Cerberus's claw-bucket - - he knows that all the children would be rooting for him, and so they would be wishing him a soft landing] Did YOU put all this here for me? Because YOU must have known that I was coming?! How kind of you!

Quote 31:

  • Mario: [bonks the ball smartly with the bat and sends the ball sailing out of the frame, then addresses the bat reproachfully, pretending to frown but with merrily twinkling eyes] Why do you keep hitting him like that? You're gonna hafta have a time-out!

Quote 32:

  • Cerberus: [in a tone of mild disgust at hearing his boxcars growling angrily] Shut up, boxcars!

Quote 33:

  • The Train: Uhh... Boss... did you really mean to make the roof fall in?
  • Samson: Yeah, all the way in?
  • Diesel 10: [in a distressed, somewhat breathless, I'm feeling squished under here tone of voice] I ALWAYS mean what I do - - ughkhh - - ya RATTLEtraps!

Quote 34:

  • Cerberus: [happily admiring the Mount Rushmore-type hillside carving of his face that he had made, and then suddenly realizing that Samson and The Trainare there] , Oh, yeah-ah-AHEM! Okay, listen up, you two! I got a JOB for you, Splodge!
  • Samson: Uh... actually it's "Samson".
  • The Train: A-and "Train".
  • Cerberus: [in a hot-headed bossy tone of arrogant impatience] I hain't got TIME to say both NAMES!

Quote 35:

  • Cerberus: [in a gloating tone of evil triumph upon seeing Casey and Bahia sitting on the track a few hundred yards ahead] Ha-haaa! It's the blue PUFFball! And look who he's with! Guys! Come and destroy!
  • Samson [fed up with Cerberus's belligerent arrogance and his lack of respect and appreciation for them] No, you do it yourself.
  • The Train: [equally disgusted with Cerberus's attitude and behavior] We don't like you.
  • Samson: Yeah, and we mean that.
  • The Train: Emphatically.
  • Samson: What does that mean?
  • The Train: I have no idea.
  • samson: [approvingly] It's a good word.

Quote 36:

  • Penny: Magic Railroad?
  • Luigi: Whatever.

Quote 37:

  • Cerberus: [in an overbearing and sarcastic tone when he sees Mr. Conductor with dusty and disheveled clothes] Hello, Twinkle-toes! Remember me? "Little Rat" won't have much use for you, lookin' like THAT!

Quote 38:*[MacQueen roars past the steam engines who are having a meeting a siding. The only engine not present is Tootle]

  • Lightning MacQueen: Smile you steamers. It's a sunny day. Broom broom!
  • Harry Hogwarts: It's not sunny because Mario's not at the windmill. I've looked.
  • Casey Junior: I think his sparkle's all gone.
  • Rustee Rails: My smokebox doesn't feel sunny. It feels stuffed up.
  • Montana: Nasty fumes form dingy diesel. Hmm!
  • Rustee Rails: And diesel is after the lost engine.
  • Shelbert: And if he finds her, I fear that will destroy us all.
  • Harry Hogwarts: Why do you look so tired?
  • Shelbert: (repeats the same 'Destroy us all' and 'I'll take the chicken' line)
  • Montana: What even an engine as big as me?!?
  • Shelbert: Yes Montana, even you.
  • Casey Junior: Ahh... Choo!
  • [shakes as he sneezes]
  • Harry Hogwarts: Say it don't spay it, Casey.
  • Casey Junior: I've still got sneezing powder up my funnel. Now I'm going to find Mr. Mario.
  • [puffs away]
  • Shelbert: And let us get back to work. That's what he would want.
  • [referring to Mr Conductor]
  • Lightning MacQueen: How bout a race Thomas? Broom Broom!
  • Casey Junior: Sorry, MacQueen. I can't today. I have to be a really useful engine and solve some mysteries instead.
  • Lightning MacQueen: I guess that means I win. Perhaps another day. Broom broom broom!

Quote 39:

  • [Casey gets his first glimpse of Bahia]
  • Casey Junior: [to Penny and Gadget] You've found her, and she's beautiful!


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